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Adrift By WinoAlright, here is my written Wino – Adrift Album Review. I’m probably going to do another lousy job on this one too, unfortunately. I already put a short video review together on Wino’s solo album Adrift, and as I said in my opening statements, it is extremely difficult for me to talk about this record. Simply because it’s that good. And if something is that good, it’s just hard to describe. So ultimately I can only recommend that you get the album and listen to it for yourself. I am certain that you won’t get disappointed, even if you are not even familiar with Scott “Wino” Weinrich’s other work.

Adrift is my first Wino solo album. I am, at this point, very familiar with his material that he produced as the singer for Saint Vitus. I am fairly acquainted with The Obsessed, The Hidden Hand and Spirit Caravan, which are some other bands Wino used to – or still continues to – perform in. But as far as him doing solo projects is concerned, again, Adrift is the first album of that kind that I ever purchased.

Clearly, I expected it to be very strong. I knew Wino was an outstanding guitarist. It’s pretty obvious when you listen to his Spirit Caravan and The Obsessed stuff. But on Adrift, Wino primarily plays acoustic guitar. And he plays it damn well. Heavy at times, and sometimes a little more subtle, but never dull. To be clear Adrift is not all acoustic. Some songs feature electric guitar overdubs, but they are being used sparingly only. Also, Wino got a little bit of help on two or three songs by guitarist Ray Tilkens.

For those of you who don’t have the Adrift Vinyl or CD at this point, you will certainly recognize Iron Horse and Born To Lose. Wino paid homage to Motorhead by playing his version of the tunes arranged for acoustic guitar. And he does it brilliantly. Also, “Shot in the head” might ring a bell, at least for the Savoy Brown fans.

Here is the list of tracks you’ll find on Adrift:

1. Adrift
2. I don’t care
3. Hold on love
4. Mala Suerte
5. Old and alone
6. Iron Horse/Born to lose
7. Suzanes song
8. D-Bear
9. Whatever
10. Shot in the head
11. O.B.E.
12. Green Speed

Adrift by Wino is an intense album. Some say it’s another side of him. I don’t know whether or not that’s true. I would like to think it’s actually the exact same Wino you may already know from Saint Vitus and his other involvements. He’s authentic with an impeccable choice of words, meaning he says what he means. However, I think that Adrift was just a great opportunity for him to share something that is personal. To be clear, this is me speculating, I don’t know whether or not he would agree to that. But to me as a listener, that’s how I perceived it.

As guitar player, I am in awe of his work on Adrift. There is a lot going on here, but aside from his omnipresent technical skills, it’s the intensity of his style which is very unique. Adrift doesn’t have any dips of moments of dullness for the lack of the better term. From the first note of “Adrift” until the last chord in “Green Speed”, it’s just maximum quality. Truly amazing.

Enough, said. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy of the Adrift CD or the vinyl. Otherwise, you’re depriving yourself of something big. Yes, Adrift is that good. I guarantee it.

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