When Rabid Bats Don’t Like Your Guitar Playing

Getting booed off staged or even objectives thrown at you while performing playing your guitar is one thing, but ending up subject of an actual assault is certainly a completely different story. Well, software engineer and hobby guitarist Derrick Skou now knows exactly how that most feel. Physically and emotionally. And he was kind enough to record the incident on camera – albeit unintentional – so it can be shared with the rest of the world and alert us fellow guitar players of the dangers of playing our instruments while camping out in the wild.

According to Derrick, he was completely taken by surprise when the bat came to latch on to him out of the blue. While he was focusing on rhythm and timing, the bat focused on his neck. After a well-coordinated landing on Derrick’s shirt, the attacker proceeded upward to sink its teeth into the startled musician. Only to let go of him a few second later and rest on a tree. However, Derrick’s friend witnessing the situation reported that the bat actually attempted another two air-attacks on him. Fortunately for Derrick, but to the bat’s dismay, a readily available BB-gun was used to bring an end to the spectacle.

What do we learn from this story? It depends, I guess. Derrick was asked by a news reporter if there’s a chance that the bat simply didn’t like his guitar playing. That, of course, could have been the case. Either way, I for once definitely will definitely refrain from going camping. And should I need to play the guitar outside any time soon, I’ll have a bazooka handy – because you never know…

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