When A Robot Band Plays Iron Man

Compressorhead Iron ManOkay, this scares the hell out of me. It really does, this video is one of the freakiest things I’ve ever seen. Have you heard of the band Compressorhead? No, well, you may want to put them on your radar screen. They will soon release their first debut album and the fan base is growing at a fast pace.

Speaking of releases: Compressorhead, the power trio composed of three robots named Bones, Fingers and Stickboy, just put their performance of Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’ out on video.

Well, I’m not sure what to think of all that. As I said, for some reason this whole thing freaks me out. But I guess it’s more the optics and staccato-esque movements by the three robots, rather than the audio. Because sound-wise, it’s really not that impressing. I’m not trying to discount the fact that it’s pretty amazing to build and program three robots to make music. I’m sure tech-geeks are enchanted. But I find it rather bizarre.

Anyway, there is good news in this, too. It just shows that instruments belong in the hands of humans. While they may not be able to perform as flawless from a timing and accuracy perspective, at least you know there’s some blood, sweat and tears at work – as opposed to computer code. And it sure sounds a million times better, too.

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