West, Bruce & Laing – Live In K-Town

Live In K-Town By West, Bruce and Laing
Proclaimed As The New Supergroup: Leslie West (git), Jack Bruce (bass) and Corky Laing (dr)

Just to be clear, as I had mentioned already in an earlier post, I do not support bootlegging. But in my music collection there are a few of those rare recordings which back in the day were easily to get even via regular record stores. As a matter of fact, there were instances were I had made a purchase without even knowing that I just bought an ‘illegal’ copy. Anyway, I digress…

West, Bruce & Laing – Live in K-Town is not one of those recordings that I would personally value as exceptional. The sound quality is mediocre, you can hear Leslie West’s guitar very well, but that’s basically it. Jack Bruce’s singing fades in and out. Corky Laing’s drums are somewhere in the background.

There is a lot of improvisational elements throughout the whole set which was taped in 1973 (Kaiserslautern, West Germany) and sometimes it feels that the three lose the connection to each other – however, I will admit that this might be tainted by the overall recording quality of this CD. If you try to focus in on the individual parts, for instance, Jack Bruce’s bass playing, then of course the brilliance shines through. There’s no doubt that all three of them are excellent musicians but the problem is really the poor sound.

Here is the track list of West, Bruce & Laing – Live in K-Town:

1. Don’t look around, 6:59
2. Pleasure, 5:15
3. Why dontcha, 8:56
4. 3rd Degree, 7:31
5. Mississippi Queen, 5:24
6. Roll over Beethoven, 2:48
7. Love is worth the Blues, 14:51
8. Politician, 5:42
9. Sunshine of your Love, 3:45

So as you can see, it’s a mix of West, Bruce & Laing compositions, a little bit of Cream, some Mountain, and a couple of covers. Every now and then this CD finds its way into the player and despite the quality of the sound, I’m still happy that I got my hands on it 15 years ago or so. It’s definitely a nice collector’s item and hey, after all we are talking about Leslie West playing guitar, Jack Bruce picking his bass and a rock solid drummer named Corky Laing – and even on a bad day and with suboptimal recording devices, they are still among my music heroes.


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