Vox amPlug Metal Review – Frequently Asked Questions

The Vox amPlug mini headphone amps are great guitar practicing devices. They come in different versions. Today we will discuss the features and functionality of the Vox amPlug Metal.

My first mini amp was the Vox amPlug AC30. I really didn’t expect much but was positively surprised by the sound quality. So, curiously I recently purchased my second version of these mini headphone amps, namely the Vox amPlug Metal.

The built and general design of both devices is pretty much the same. On top, there are three dials: volume, tone and gain. Additionally, there’s a AUX input through which you can connect an iPhone, MP3 player or any other compatible device. I personally don’t use this feature a lot, but it does work well and can come in very handy when you want to play along with a song or a backtrack.

The Vox amPlug Metal guitar headphone amp is powered via two AAA batteries which are included with the purchase. As far as battery life is concerned, the amPlugs in general do very well. However, you will have to switch the device off when you’re done playing as there is no automatic power off function (I think the newer Vox amPlug G2 version have this feature). In general though, the batteries last for several month even with regular practice.

So, let’s talk a little bit about the sound quality of this particular model. As you’re about to see and hear in my Vox amPlug Metal demo video below, the accessory comes with tons of gain that you can dial in and back out as you like. Additionally, the tone spectrum offers additional possibilities to alter and fine tune your sound. Remarkably, at least in my opinion, the amPlug Metal by Vox doesn’t sound artificial, but authentic – almost like a real amp.

Vox amPlug Metal Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the device fit on a Fender Stratocaster? Yes, it does. The designers too into account that the Strats (and some other models) have an angled input jack, so it’s not a problem.

Can I connect the amPlug to my amplifier? Yes, if you’re amp has a line-in input. Alternatively, you can also connect the device to your cabinet.

What about guitar pedals? Yes, just connect your guitar to the pedal and then connect the amPlug Metal to the pedal. It actually works very well.

Lastly, amPlugs are lightweights. However, the plastic frame is of sturdy built – I dropped mine several times and it’s just fine. Again, considering the low price these mini amps are very simple to use, yet offer a wide spectrum of high sound quality.

I hope you found this Vox amPlug Metal review helpful. If you have any question, please leave a comment below. Alternatively, click on the image at the beginning of this article for price and purchasing information.

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