Vox amPlug 2 Classic Rock Review – Is It Worth The Money?

This is my third Vox amPlug mini headphone guitar amp. So far, I had tested and reviewed the AC30 and the Metal version, both of which exceeded my expectations. However, the one we will be talking about today is the first one of the Vox amPlug 2 series, specifically the Classic Rock model (Vox amPlug 2 CR).

To be totally honest with you, I was a little bit skeptical at first. Simply because I didn’t see a need to make changes to the regular amPlugs, and I was afraid that the amPlug 2 devices might just be a way to out a new version on the market that doesn’t really offer much. However, after I have a chance to do a thorough review of the Vox amplug 2 CR, I concluded that my concerns were unsubstantiated.

The amPlugs by Vox are great guitar practicing devices. Typically, I use them to when I just want to sit on the sofa together with my family – and while they are watching TV, I can practice via headphones and with amplification without having to use a real amplifier. All I have to do is connecting the Vox amPlug into my guitar, plug in the headphones and I’m good to go. The device uses two AAA batteries. When you buy the Vox amPlug 2, you will get a set of batteries with the package. As far as battery life is concerned, the amPlug 2 versions have new feature; the devices power off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Here is a full Vox amPlug 2 Classic Rock demo video:

Vox amPlug vs. Vox amPlug2 – The 4 Key Enhancements

Alright, as I mentioned before, the amPlug 2 devices offer a number of enhanced features when compared to their predecessors.

1. Swiveling the Plug

You can easily swivel the plug of the Vox amPlug 2 Classic Rock to adjust the angle according to the guitar being used. Also, because of the added mobility, it is much easier to actually see the dials and get to the buttons of the device.

2. Auto Power-Off Function

While the battery life never an issue with the older amPlug versions, there was always a chance that if you forgot to switch the device off, you’re batteries were dead the next time you wanted to use it. With the amPlug 2, the accessory will power off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

3. FX Button

The following Vox amPlug 2 guitar mini headphone amps come with this new feature: AC30, Metal and Classic Rock. Each press of this button switches the setting between the following effects: Chorus, Delay, Reverb and ‘Effect off’.

4. Standby – On – Button and Indicator

If you hold down the ON/Off button for a second when the device is turned on, you can press this button again to add a low level Mid-Boost (LED will turn orange). Pressing the button again will switch to a high level Mid-Boost range (LED will turn red). This is a very cool feature if you want to add a little (or a lot) more punch and intensity to the sound.

Other than that, the Vox amPlug 2 CR has almost the same look and feel as the previous versions. There are three dials to adjust volume, tone and gain. As you saw in my video review, there is a wide range of sound you can navigate in as you play around with all the different settings. I was yet again very surprised by the quality. Speaking of quality, all amPlug version are very light. Nonetheless, because of the solid plastic frame, the amPlugs survive little accidents like dropping them on the floor, etc.

Okay, I hope you found my Vox amPlug 2 Classic Rock review helpful. If you have any questions around this specific guitar mini headphone amp, just leave a comment below. For current price and purchasing information, click on the image at the beginning of this article.

13 thoughts on “Vox amPlug 2 Classic Rock Review – Is It Worth The Money?”

  1. Hey man, I read your review on the VOX amplug 2 metal as well as the video on youtube.
    I just need a little advice from you. I was about to buy the microcube gx by roland. But now I feel like this product is a must have. So what should I do? Should I prefer this over a real amp or no.

    1. Hi Omar,

      I wish I could help here. But the truth is, I never played the microcube, so I can’t really compare it to the vox amplugs. Sorry, I wish I would know more to help you out…

  2. Hi

    Is there a cable available which can be used with those amplugs example you plug the vox plug in the female side and the male plug in the guitar…
    tell me

    1. Hmmm, not sure if I understand your question. The amplug always goes into the guitar. But you can then use an AUX cable to hook up your iPhone or iPod – this makes sense if you want to play along with a tune or a backing-track.

      1. He means so the unit is not sticking out of the guitar when in use. And yes, it can be done with the right plug adapters.

    2. There may not be a cable with the proper adapters pre-made but you can get adapters at an electronics store. Ask for a 1/4″ female to 1/4″ female and use a guitar cable.

  3. AC30 or Classic Rock which one is better? I CAN’T DECIDE, HELP !

    I usually play on rock and blues genre. Actually Classic Rock one is ok for me but sometimes i need a clean tone as well.  Can i get clean sounds on Classic Rock one?

    So which one is your recommend?

  4. AC30 or Classic Rock which one is better? I CAN’T DECIDE, HELP !

    I usually play on rock and blues genre. Actually Classic Rock one is ok for me but sometimes i need a clean tone as well.  Can i get clean sounds on Classic Rock one? 

    So which one is your recommend?


    1. Hi there,

      This is tough question, because it’s really just a matter of personal preference. The Classic Rock version offers a really broad spectrum in terms of sound and tone – inclusive of a nice clean sound. The AC30 on the other hand has this rasp and crunch to it that makes it so unique.

      So, if you ask me personally, I would go with the Classic Rock because it’s a bit more versatile. Alternatively, just get both..;-)

  5. I purchased the Amplug2 on a whim Because I have always wanted an inline gizmo that would plug into my headphones without using my Frontman.  I have to say when I opened the bag – it really looks like cheaply made. The dials are cheap plastic and do not even line up.  My Bose headset jack was too long for in input jack so I need and adapter just to plug in my headphones. And the instructions a horribly written.  

    My instinctive response was to send it back immediately but I had the Bose headset adapter (basically just a short M-F Stereo mini cable).

    I was impressed with the first chord. And is was just playing with the G-T-V-FX buttons.  After watching your videos I was able to unlock the features so vaguely referred to in the instructions.  Once you excuse the fact it looks like it cam out of a cracker jack box.  The combination of features are truly amazing.  

    Thank you for decoding the mysteries.  Well Played!

    Miami Mike

    1. Hey Mike, I get your point regarding the product appearance. That said, all my AMplugs are still in perfect condition, after having used them for a good period of time and exposed them to things like ‘I’m dropping you on a tiled floor’ etc. And as you correctly stated, I think there is very little debate around the sound quality of the amPlugs, which is outstanding, as far as I’m concerned.

      Glad you stopped by and thanks for the comment!

  6. I wonder if you ever had a chance to play the “Lead” amplug from the first series and, if so, how does it compare to the “Classic Rock” from the second series?

    I typically only run the gain up to about half way so, with the gain maxed out on the “classic 2” …would it get close? If you haven’t tried it, the “Lead” sound is reminiscent of early Dokken.

    1. Hey Dan,

      Thanks for the question. No, I did not – that’s the short answer. I played a ton of different amplugs but never tried the ‘Lead’ model, regrettably. I know what you mean though regarding the sound range of the Classic Rock version; I can see how you can get close to a Lynch/Dokken sound.

      Do you think it would make sense for me to just get the ‘Lead’ model and do a review akin to what I did for some of the other amplugs? I’d be happy to do that.

      Thanks bud.


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