Ulli Boegershausen Guitar Tabs Personal Favorites Review

Ulli Boegershausen Personal Favorites ReviewYou’ve probably seen some of Ulli’s amazing fingerstyle Youtube videos. If not, then please check them out, they are awesome. And speaking of awesome, I just got myself a book with a bunch of Ulli Boegershausen Guitar Tabs, named “Personal Favorites” which features both, traditional notation as well as tabulature of a number cool tunes, arranged by Ulli for fingerstyle guitar.

For those of you who know me, it might be a little bit surprising to see me expressing interest in fingerstyle guitar. The fact is, it is something that I never really seriously explored. It had nothing to do with me not liking this style, but rather the realization that it’s pretty difficult – at least to me. To this day, I still dread the even most basic finger-picking. But anyway, when I saw Ulli play in some of his videos, I thought I should at least give it a try. Hence, I bought “Personal Favorites”.

However, before I did, I actually googled for things like “Ulli Boegershausen Mad World Tabs” and alike. Now, I found several tabs online but I my opinion, they were either inaccurate or simply stolen from Ulli’s guitar book. Therefore, I thought I might as well buy the original and I’m glad that I did.

“Personal Favorites” by Ulli Boegershausen is a great selection of classic pop-tunes, including ‘Mad World’, ‘Kiss from a Rose’, ‘Time after Time’ alongside a couple of Ulli’s own compositions. The tabs are easy to read and illustrate exactly what you need to do with both, your playing hand as well as your picking hand. I’m working on Mad World right now which is – according to Ulli – one of the easier pieces. Well, for a fingerstyle novice like me, it’s difficult enough, but I’m getting there. What’s very helpful is the fact that for all of the songs featured in Ulli Boegershausen – Personal Favorites there is a corresponding video on YouTube where you can watch Ulli play. So, using the book together with the videos makes the whole exercise much more manageable, vs. just having the tabs.

The book is very reasonably priced; I paid just under $20 bucks on amazon. The foreword is in German and English. I can only highly recommend it. And by the way, if you’re new to finger-style guitar, you may also want to check out Ulli’s Youtube video tutorials for finger-style beginners.

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