Traildriftingtwins – Blues For The Burnt-Out Sun Album Review

Blues for the burnt out sun by TraildriftingtwinsAs you can imagine, an album release titled “Blues For The Burnt-Out Sun” would peak my interested big time. And when I recently received a request to review Traildriftingtwins’ debut album, I was obviously all game. Of course, the title, as well as the scarce yet depictive information around the Jersey based duo, lend itself to associations with Desert Rock classics, specifically Kyuss’ “Blues For The Red Sun”.

Very straight forward, isn’t it? Well, not so fast! While certain resemblances to other acts such as the aforementioned Kyuss, or Nebula, Unida and alike are undeniable, Traildriftingtwins’ approach to their material is unique and rather unpredictable. As a matter of fact, you may want to call it ‘inconclusive’, simple because reducing it to what is traditionally categorized as ‘Desert Rock’ wouldn’t accurately reflect the band’s angle. Which is definitely broader and more nuanced when compared to many established acts. As such, it is perhaps also a little harder to digest upon first listening. However, at least for me, the more I got familiar with “Blues For The Burnt-Out Sun” the more I became intrigued by this eclectic mix of styles and conceptual philosophies which the band elegantly combined on their 8-track record.

The foundation of Traildriftingtwins is based on acoustic guitars and vocals. Now, add a good portion of fuzz, Doom & Stoner Rock riffage and lines, you got a pretty good understanding what you’re in for. It’s important to acknowledge that the mix/production quality is understandably not at par when compared to well established bands – that, however, doesn’t diminish the quality of the material itself. As a matter of fact, I would go as far as suggesting that this is actually more of an authentic reflection of Traildriftingtwins’ current state as they embark on their musical journey.Blues for the burnt out sun by Traildriftingtwins

Here is the Tracklist of ‘Blues For The Burnt-Out Sun’:

1. Welcome To The Wasteland
2. BftB-OS
3. All’s Well ( Rosewell)
4. (In) Thy Shadow of Thy Colossi
5. Dull Dagger
6. R’ylehians, Ride!

In sum: “Blues For The Burnt-Out Sun” by Traidriftingtwins is undoubtedly a little rough around the edges as far as the production is concerned. But that doesn’t take away at all from the band’s spirited performance relative to song-writing and execution of the material. The album works best when you listen to it as a whole, from beginning to end. For me, it actually gets stronger the deeper I get into it. Which is the trademark of any great record, in my opinion. So, I highly encourage you to listen for yourself.

Click here for more information around both the band and the record. If you like it, please go ahead and spread the word – these two young gentlemen are producing some fine work and they deserve our support.

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