Top 10 Pink Guitars And Accessories Review

Pink GuitarsI know. I am surprised, too, finding myself writing a post about pink guitar models and accessories. Because I can’t say that it’s my favorite. Nonetheless, I realize it’s a super popular color and people have asked whether it’s okay to buy a pink electric or acoustic guitar. Well, that all depends – just as with any other guitar of any other color. We will talk about all that in a little bit and my goal will be to make sure you know exactly what you need to be mindful of before you make a purchase. Not all pink guitars are the same and some of them I would not necessarily recommend if your actual intention is to learn the instrument. Others are perfectly okay for that purpose, so I will definitely make a point in explaining what you need to know in order to make an educated decision. Speaking of decision making, we will also discuss 10 specific pink models – and separately, 10 pink accessories – that have been bestsellers and received high customer ratings. We will also distinguish between the ‘kids pink guitar’ category’ (i.e., smaller sized models) and the regular (let’s call them ‘adult-sized’) instruments.

To be clear and making sure that I’m not wasting your time, the guitars we will be discussing here are all well under $250. In other words, we are talking about cheap, typical beginner guitars. Not high-end customized axes!

I do need to be honest with you, though. I typically don’t do reviews on products that I haven’t either used, tested or owned at some point. Therefore, full disclaimer, I have not had a chance to thoroughly evaluate all of the guitars and accessories that we will talk about today. However, I did in fact play or test many of them (albeit not the pink versions, but in other colors). A good example for that is one of the pink electric guitar models we will be discussing. My 5-year old nephew got the red version (with amp and other accessories) for Christmas. It’s the Squier Bullet and I know that general line and this pecific model very well. The same is true for most of the other items. But for the few ones that don’t fall into that category, I feel comfortable that based on my 25 years of experience as a guitar player and teacher, I can comfortably and confidently give you a valid opinion – simply because I know the brands and their products well enough.

Pink Guitar ModelsOh, and actually, there is a pink electric guitar in our household! It used to be mine, it was actually my first or second electric guitar ever. Originally, it was white but the color had faded over the years. I then decided to spray-paint it all pink and give it to my daughter as a gift. After that make-over, it never got played again, but it fits perfectly in her “everything-needs-to-be-pink-in-here” bedroom. You can hardly see it as it blends in nicely into its surroundings. I just borrowed it back for a second to take a quick picture (see on the left).

Okay, so let’s get this going. Because we are about to cover a good amount of information, here is an overview which you can use to jump to any section of your choice. Just click on the respective links below and it will take you right there. However, if you can, take the 5 minutes and read the whole post because I think (well, I sure hope) you’ll find some good insights and tips.

1. Caution! Real Instrument vs. Toy Guitars
2. Video Discussion – Are Pink Guitars Any Good?
3. Top 10 Pink Guitars Review
4. Three Pink Guitar Accessories That Are Useful
5. Summary And Additional Resources

1. Caution! Real Instrument vs. Toy Guitars

Alright, so let’s get this started. Before we talk about pink acoustic guitar models or the electric versions, we need to get one important thing out of the way. Simply answer these questions first:

Why do you want to buy a guitar?

Is it merely a gift for someone to put in their room, more or less for decoration purposes (like in my daughter’s case)?

Or is the intent to get a real instrument, that is playable and at the very least decent enough to get started on learning how to play the guitar?

These are two completely different things. If it’s the former, there is certainly nothing wrong with that. In which case, though, I might not be the best person to get advice from. I don’t know enough about toy guitars but I would think you don’t necessarily need to obtain an expert opinion for the purposes of buying a cheap pink toy guitar.

If it’s the latter, and if the intent is to get an actual instrument, so that you (or the person whom you give the guitar to) can play it or learn on it, then I’m certainly happy to share my two cents with you in terms of the pink guitar models that I feel are recommendable candidates for that purpose.

For someone who is not familiar with guitars in general, it can be difficult to discern between a toy and an actual guitar. They look the same (or look similar) and they both may have six strings, etc. Only someone who plays the guitar can tell you within a matter of seconds whether you’re looking at a toy or an instrument. I can tell you from personal experience that I have a number of students (back in the day when I was giving face-to-face lessons) showing up with what they thought was a ‘guitar’, but I had to tell them that unfortunately that what they were holding in their hands is simply not a playable instrument.

So, my point here is, know what you want! If you want a toy but inadvertently buying a ‘real guitar’, no harm done. However, it doesn’t work the other way around. You’ve wasted your money and you’ll be disappointed. Let’s make sure that won’t happen and therefore we will now talk about specific pink guitar models that you can buy with confidence.

2. Video Discussion – Are Pink Guitars Any Good?

3. Top 10 Pink Guitars Review

So, as mentioned, in this section we will look at 5 pink electric guitars and 5 pink acoustic guitar models. All of these fall under the ‘real instrument’ category. In other words, you can buy any of these knowing that you’ll get a guitar that actually works. You can play it or you can learn to play on it. For each model, I will share some of the key features with you and give you my personal opinion. Which, of course, is subjective. But I believe it is still more meaningful for you to hear an – I’d like to think ‘qualified’ – opinion vs. me just telling you what ‘others have to say’. I will then give you an opportunity to compare them to each other in terms of criteria such as: price, size (regular or smaller size), overall customer rating and my personal rating.

Top 5 Pink Acoustic Guitar Models:

Fender Classic Design 963002056

Fender Classic Design 963002056

It’s not just because of the brand ‘Fender’, but what you’re looking at here is a definitely a very solid beginner level guitar. A rosewood fretboard and laminated body are a good choice whether you’re looking for a starter pink guitar for kids (it’s a 3/4 size guitar) or just a decent guitar in general. Yes, some people don’t like a laminated surface, but in my opinion, there’s also a huge advantage to it: you can easily clean the instrument with a damp rag. Just to give you an example. The bottom line is, this particular is perfect for anyone who wants to buy a guitar with the confidence of knowing to have a real instrument, rather than something that merely makes a nice addition to a room’s decoration.

Jameson Thinline Acoustic full size

Jameson Thinline Acoustic full size

Full disclaimer: I personally never had an opportunity to play this particular model, but I know the Jameson brand and I know that they are making great, inexpensive guitars for beginners. This Thinline model is not only available in pink, but also in a bunch of other colors. This is a full-size acoustic guitar that you can also hook up to an amplifier (I guess a pink guitar amp would be a good match…) and it has a built-in equalizer. It features a high gloss finish and something that is not typical for guitars in this price range: it has a cut-away. Oh, why is it called “thin-line”? Because the body is only 3 inches thick! That makes this guitar easy to handle and a light-weight. Yet another great option and this is a buyer’s favorite with a solid 100% satisfaction rating and 5/5 stars.

Kay Guitar K537P

Kay Guitar K537POkay, so this is definitely a model that you should put on your radar screen as a potential option. It’s come down significantly in price and it’s one of those guitars that doesn’t carry a super popular brand name. But the fact is, the majority of folks who actually bought this instrument love it. Great materials, solid built at a very attractive price.

Johnson JG-100-PK

Johnson JG-100-PKMaybe not as shiny and glossy the other ones we already looked at, but nevertheless an instrument that deserves to make it on the list is the Johnson JG-100-PK. Another pink guitar kids and adults who are serious about learning the instrument should take a closer look at.

Crescent MG38-PK

Crescent MG38-PKI want to be very clear here. This is the cheapest of all five pink acoustic guitar options that made it into the Top 5. And honestly, I only included it with a good amount of hesitation, because I may come across as contradicting. I have not had the opportunity to play this instrument. All my ‘knowledge’ is merely anecdotal. So, why did I even include this one: because the fact is that thousands of people bought this guitar starter set, and overall it get 3.5/5 stars. For a guitar that comes with a whole bunch of accessories at under $45, this is a good deal. Again, this would not necessarily be my top pick, but I think it is still a valid option for anyone who’s on a small budget. It’s typical kids guitar and especially interesting in situations where it’s not clear, if the child has actual serious interest in the instrument. But if it turns out that he or she does, you have a guitar that’s good enough to learn to familiarize with the instrument and take the first few steps.

Here is a head-on-head of the Top 5 Pink Acoustic Guitar options we just discussed.

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Top 5 Pink Electric Guitar Models:

Let’s get some juice, meaning electricity, in here! Similar to what we just did above, let’s look at five options of electric guitars that come ‘pretty in pink’.

Squier/Fender Mini Stratocaster Bundle

Squier Fender Mini Stratocaster BundleI would make a lousy sales-man. Because usually, you should build things up slowly and save the best for last. Well, good thing I’m not in the guitar selling business! Because here it is, right off the bat: my personal favorite, Squier Mini Bullet by Fender (as a starter/bundle kit). I personally own a regular-size Squier Bullet and on topPink Squier Mini of that, we just got my 5-year old nephew the mini version (albeit in red and not pink). I played this guitar on Christmas day and I was blown away by the quality of this 3/4 scale instrument. I had a friend of mine with me and he too tested the instrument – just as I was, he said he was really surprised how well this guitar is built and how well it plays.

So, if there’s any pink guitar, out all the ones we discuss here in this review, that I can only highly recommend to you, then it’s the Squier/Fender Mini. You can buy the guitar separately without all the accessories, or as a bundle, which means it comes with an amp, strap, cable, strings, string winder, DVD, tuner, picks and cloth at a ridiculously low price of under $180. Oh, and yes, my nephew loves his new guitar and insist on me giving him lessons (which is awesome!). I think his parents support the idea, too, because I can only imagine what’s going on in their house on a Sunday morning when the little one is firing-up his amp and beating up and down on those strings!

Squier Bullet Stratocaster

Squier Bullet StratocasterI own this guitar. No, not in pink, but in white. I have in our vacation home in Florida. To be honest with you, I bought it because it was cheap and I just wanted to fiddle around on when we’re away – I get antsy if I can lay my hands on a guitar for more two days in a row. Well, so I got this guitar (see photo) and I must say, it was one of those purchases where you only after the fact realize that you got yourself a great deal. This is a very good, solid instrument. Of course, it is not a ‘real’ $2,000 Strat. But it still is a great guitar at a price that you can’t beat. I vouch for this instrument, I would buy it again.

Dean Custom Zone Solid Body Electric Guitar

Dean Custom Zone Solid Body Electric GuitarDean builds very good guitars. I have not played this particular instrument, but similar ones of the same line. And I can attest to the fact that this is a solid instrument at a fantastic price. It plays well, it’s of good quality and it has a fluorescent pink finish. And even the fretboard is pink. I am also surprised how much this model came down in price since the last time I checked (back then if was over $350). You can now get it for under $160 which is really good!

Ibanez GRGM21

Ibanez GRGM21This is a great pink guitar for kids or anyone who likes smaller 3/4 size guitars. I think you will have a challenge finding anyone who has anything bad to say about Ibanez. I have a semi-acoustic Ibanez of the AM Series since 1990 and I love that instrument. Well, the point is, you can’t go wrong this this guitar. Great materials, great built, plays well and the price is fantastic.


Kay KE04P-PKGAnother pink guitar for children that comes with everything you need to get started. Frankly, compared to any of the instruments we just discussed, this would not be my first choice. But it is nonetheless rightfully in the Top 5, because if the value you get for your money. It comes with all the accessories, including a battery powered amp with separate microphone, to get your kid started. The price of this one came down too, so you can get the whole bundle for just under $160.

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4. Three Pink Guitar Accessories That Are Useful

Okay, hopefully you found all this helpful so far. Once you settled on a guitar, unless you buy a bundle, you may need some accessories. But don’t just buy these things blindly. There are things you need and there are other things that you don’t need just now, or not at all.

Below are a few items that I would consider useful when you get yourself a guitar. And since ‘Pink’ is the theme of the day, of course we keep it going.

Let’s start with a pink guitar strap from Planetwaves. I do have the same one, but in black. These straps are solid, yet very cheap. You can certainly spend much more on these straps but I don’t see the point. So, again, I think this is a solid buy.

I must have had hundreds of plectrums over the years. These things keep disappearing. Anyway, as for pink guitar picks, I can’t really offer all that much. What I can do is vouch for the quality of Jim Dunlop when it comes to kinds of guitar gear, and fortunately for you, they do have a great deal on a 12 pack of pink picks for under $3. Pretty neat!

Another very reputable brand in the guitar world is Ernie Ball. Among other things, they are know for making great strings. And surely enough, they also have a great deal on a 3-pack on pink guitar strings for electric guitars. $12.95 for three sets, you can’t beat that.

Alright, there’s tons of other things you can get. I on purpose will not cover any pink guitar amps here. I simply don’t know of any models (that are pink) that I could recommend to you. That doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, I just don’t know of any. The same is true for other thing such as pink guitar case or bag options, capos , tuners, etc. Again, all that is available, I just can’t speak to it.

5. Summary And Additional Resources

Alright, so let’s sum this up and then I’d like to leave you with a few more resources that could be helpful to you.

First, make sure you know why you want a pink guitar. Is it for decoration, to use as a toy or to actually get a real instrument. Above I gave you 10 options of pink guitars that I believe are reasonably good to very good instruments.

If it’s for a smaller kid, then you should definitely get a small sized (3/4 or 1/2 scale) guitar, because otherwise he/she will have trouble handling the instrument.

Once you’re settled on the guitar question, you may want to look into other things such as how to learn the instrument. Here are a few articles on that topic that I put together for you:

Best Guitar for Beginners under $200
Best Way To Learn Guitar Online
Best Ways To Learn Guitar (Teacher/Courses/Online)
Best Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons For Beginners
My Free Beginners Guitar Course

And there is much more that you can find on my website. But most importantly, I’m here to help in case you have any questions. Just send me an email via the contact form and I will get back to you promptly. I don’t claim to have all the answers to everything – but at the very least, I can offer you my honest opinion and advice, just as I did in this article.

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