The Zakk Wylde Roast And The Simple Question: Why?

I just watched the Zakk Wylde Roast feature on youtube. So everybody who has something, or think has something to say, explained why Zakk is such a great guy and fantastic guitar player in their opinion. And I must say, I would have to agree to these pre-event statements.

But when it then came to the actual Zakk Wylde Roast which took place January 19 at The Grove in Anaheim, California, the whole thing just got outright embarrassing, at least that’s how I felt about it watching the videos. The event got so hyped up in the media, at some point I was frantically switching my XM radiostations (Boneyard, Hair Nation and Classic Rewind) back and forth trying to escape the omnipresence of the advertisements.

I don’t know what you think about this whole roast thing – the concept in general might work, especially if comedians do it to each other. But guitarist, or musicians, roasting each other just doesn’t seem to fit well. That’s why they play music and don’t make jokes in front of their audiences.

Zakk seems to be a good sport, sitting their listing to those ‘funny’ insults – but to me they sound rather ‘clumsy’ and out of place. The audience seems to be kind of lost, too. There are some occasional cheers and laughs which appear to be more of a kind gesture than anything else. It’s like watching a play and you feel you just have to applaud even though there is no actual reason for it.

I give Sharon Osbourne, Scott Ian, Kerry King, Jim Norton and the others credit for trying, but I do hope they don’t plan on ever doing it again.

Here are two videos related to the Zakk Wylde Roast:


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