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The White Striped Debut
I Regret That I Didn’t Buy It Earlier….

Oh my God, I need oxygen! Guitarist Jack White and drummer Meg White kept punching me in the stomach with brutal riffs and relentless boom-bang, boom-bang back-beat drumming. Just the way I like it. I received my copy of the “The White Stripes” yesterday after I purchased Jack White’s solo-album “Blunderbuss” a couple of weeks ago.

I usually take the time and ‘analyze’ all the tracks individually, but in this particular instance, I actually don’t think it would make sense.

Here is the complete track list:

1. “Jimmy the Exploder”, 2:29
2. “Stop Breaking Down”, 2:20
3. “The Big Three Killed My Baby”, 2:29
4. “Suzy Lee”, 3:21
5. “Sugar Never Tasted So Good”, 2:54
6. “Wasting My Time”, 2:13
7. “Cannon”, 2:30
8. “Astro”, 2:42
9. “Broken Bricks”, 1:51
10. “When I Hear My Name”, 1:54
11. “Do”, 3:05
12. “Screwdriver”, 3:14
13. “One More Cup of Coffee”, 3:13
14. “Little People”, 2:22
15. “Slicker Drips”, 1:30
16. “St. James Infirmary Blues”, 2:24
17. “I Fought Piranhas”, 3:07

It is extremely hard to single out any favorites here. When I listen to this album I don’t skip any tracks, which is totally atypical. But if I absolutely had to name a couple of numbers, then I guess I would say “Astro”, “Cannon”…but then again, it actually hurts me to make any decisions here, because I can honestly say that I like all tracks.

Isn’t it ironic? I remember when The White Stripes had just gotten popular and of course I had to decide that I will not like them. Yes, it’s not that I had based this on having actually listened to them, but just a couple of video excerpts I had seen on TV, which back then was enough for me to determine that it’s not my cup of tea. Well, sometimes it takes time until things sink in. In retrospect, I will have to admit that I was an idiot – which is not the first time that I came to that conclusion.

Either way, I came to appreciate Jack White’s guitar playing Meg White’s drumming. It resonates so well with me (now) because it’s basically exactly the type of music I can relate to the most. Straight forward riffs, blues-based and punchy drums without knick-knacks. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like more sophisticated acts too, but I don’t think that “sophistication” and “finesse” where the primary goals The White Stripes were after. With that being said, I don’t mean to downplay their musical skills, because the fact of the matter is, both of them know damn well what they’re doing and the truth is, ‘doing less’ often leads to better results.

I thoroughly enjoyed The White Stripes debut album and I can’t wait to get my hands on their subsequent productions which I have already ordered through amazon. If you’re into Blues – Rock, you must have this CD, you’ll get plenty of Robert Johnson and Son House vibe here. I guarantee that you will experience physical pain when you have to take a break listening to it. All seventeen tracks are burned into my head. And that’s a good thing.


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