The Ultimate 10 Acoustic Guitar Songs To Impress Girls

Best Songs On Guitar To Impress A Woman
Best Songs On Guitar To Impress Girls

Finally I get to cover a more serious subject here. Let’s be honest, why do guys pick up playing guitar in the first place? To pick up chicks! It’s as simple as that. Nobody likes practicing for hours and hours every day, sitting alone in a bedroom listing to the same songs over and over again and trying to play along until it may sound somewhat decent. There has to be a light at the end of the tunnel and that very light might be found in the eyes of a mesmerized young lady while she is listening to the sound of vibrating strings (which are hopefully yours and tuned into key!!).

Oh, and just in case you need to freshen-up your chord-skills so you can actually play the songs (and many more) listed below, my Beginners Guitar Course may come in very handy!

Easy And Not So Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs To Impress Girls

In all likelihood you’ll be fine. Once you acquired a certain level of proficiency, meaning your can change from a D-Major to a C-Major chord without seriously injuring your index finger, the majority of the people won’t be able to tell the difference between your playing and Adam Fulara’s take on Bach’s Goldberg Variations. This is good news and the reason why it is relatively easy to impress a lady even though your technical skills might still be not fully developed yet.

History taught us that there are a number of songs that always work. Interestingly enough, some of those pieces are actually frowned upon depending on the circumstances. For instance, have you ever tried playing “Stairway to Heaven” or “Sweet Home Alabama” in a guitar store? In best case you earned a few dirty looks and in worst case: a set of black eyes. However, those very same songs performed at a bonfire or at a block party can make you a neighborhood super star over night with the girls (even those that would normally be way out of your league!) proposing to you or whispering dirty things in your ear.

Enough talk, let’s get to the facts. Here is my top ten of the best acoustic guitar songs to impress girls:

10. Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box. Nobody really likes Nirvana, but everybody thinks they were cool. Kurt’s whacked out lyrics and a melancholic chord sequence is all it takes.

09. John Lennon – Imagine. I don’t think I need to explain as to why this one always works, do I?

08. Cat Stevens – Morning has broken. Of course, the chicks these days will have no clue who the hell Cat Stevens is, but it’s a catchy song and they’ll love it.

07. R. Kelly – I believe I can fly. The most boring song ever produced by mankind, yet a bullet proof way to spark your future wives’ interest. I on purposed used the plural here, because all the ladies in the audience will instantaneously fall in love with you on the spot. Think about hiring a good divorce attorney!

06. Muddy Waters – I’m a man. Nothing sounds more ridiculous than hearing a 15 year old high school nerd singing “I’m a man”, but the simple 3 chord progression is easy to master and will open up doors beyond your imagination.

05. Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water. Nobody, female or male, human or alien, nobody! can escape the power of this masterpiece. If Art would sing this song to me, I would marry him on the spot. Period.

04. The Animals – House of the Rising Sun. If you learn acoustic guitar you will learn that song, if you want it or not. It is in each and every beginner’s song book, so chances are you already know how to play it. Hey, look at it this way, it’s just another one in your repertoire that works well with the ladies.

03. Rolling Stones – Angie. I never understood the hype around this song, but boy, I do know for a fact that this one will get the girls crazy about you. It’s a classic and even if you don’t nail the singing, you won’t leave the party alone tonight!

02. Extreme – More than Words. It makes me want to vomit, but who cares. The fact is, play this song and women will denounce their husbands or boyfriends while throwing their panties and bras in your face. A true winner. Unless you primarily perform in elderly homes, in that case the underwear thing might not be as desirable.

01. Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven. Among fellow guitarists you won’t be able to impress anybody with this one. But that’s it – the ultimate best acoustic guitar song to impress girls. You might look like a hybrid between Quasimodo and Vampyrella, nobody (women and men!!…so be careful!) will care. You just presented them with the holy grail, the reinvention of the wheel and the cure for cancer. YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE and you will need to think hard about hiring a staff. You will need an army of bodyguards because of jealous husbands, you will need admins to keep track of your calendar and ensure that the girls won’t run into each other as the leave and enter your house. Women you’ve never seen before will advance and/or assault you in public, demanding love at times when you expect it the least.

Best Songs On Guitar To Impress A Woman

So don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.


8 thoughts on “The Ultimate 10 Acoustic Guitar Songs To Impress Girls”

        1. Daniel, well, I’m not a proud person in general – but one thing even I can give myself credit for, is the fact that I always owned up for my actions. In this case it’s really not that dramatic. I made an (admittedly embarrassing) mistake, but it’s not the end of the world. At least not to me…;-)

          1. Proper respect. You could have easily cleaned up the comments after your mistake, but you owned it and left the comments. Due respect sir. Your list would be changed by one for me, as it worked for me in high school many times and many moons ago. I played a (well camouflaged) hacked up version of I Love the Night by Blue Oyster Cult, which I would replace the Bridge Over Troubled Waters with. Now, If I could just get my fingers to have the dexterity of yesteryears again… Other than that, great list. Then again, I only listened to Simon and Garfunkel in private back then, I had my street cred to worry about after all.

          2. Hi Rob,

            Thanks for the comment. I’ve made worse mistakes over the years, so owning up to that one wasn’t really a problem. Also, like you suggested, it all depends on personal preference and others may not even agree with this selection at all. Ah, Blue Oyser Cult. It’s weird, they only recently really got on my radar screen – of course, I knew who they are all along, but just lately I started looking into their material a little closer – good stuff, no doubt. And as far as Simon & Garfunkel is concerned, I just like them. I think Paul Simon is a completely underrated guitarist, but so are many others. While others may disagree, I think Simon & Garfunkel fits perfectly into my collection which consists predominantly of Blues/Hard-Rock albums…;-)

            Thanks again, Rob. Take care.

  1. Awful presumptuous to say NO ONE LIKES NIRVANA… Personally they’re one of my favorite bands. Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Helmet are my 3 all time favorites.

    1. Jon, not only is it presumptuous but it’s also not true. I hope that you took the article as something it was intended to be – a not-at-all-serious scribble with purposefully ridiculous comments by its author, myself. Nirvana is not one of my favorite bands but I assure you, I do like them a lot. I just recently had a few days of a non-stop listen to their acoustic set (the MTV thing) which, for instance I think it’s awesome.

      Sorry, it was definitely not my intent to offend people. I hoped that was clear but based on you reaction, I misjudged. Apologies for that….


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