The Soulbreaker Company – The Pink Alchemist

Heavy Blues Rock With A Spanish Touch: 'The Pink Alchemist' By The Souldbreaker Company
Heavy Blues Rock With A Spanish Touch: ‘The Pink Alchemist’ By The Souldbreaker Company

While youtube appears to slowly convert into a larger and larger litter box, it can sometimes reveal some rare gems. I don’t even remember anymore how exactly I came across with The Soulbreaker Company. But I guess I was on my routine prowl for heavy blues rock tunes, and voila, they popped up. The first number I listened to was Hot Smoke & Heavy Blues from their debut album. Now, unfortunately you can’t get this CD anymore via the regular channels, so I contacted them but I haven’t heard back yet. In the meantime I ordered their second and third album from amazon, and I must say it was worth the investment.

The Soulbreaker Company is a band based off Spain, with the following line-up:

Dani Trignanes: Guitars
Jony Moreno: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Ortiz Domingo: Drums, Percussion
J.J. Manzanedo: Bass
Lazyhand: Hammond, Piano, Harmonica, Vocals
A.S. Breaker: Guitars

The Pink Alchemist is what I would categorize as a modern heavy blues rock album. The band has a unique sound so any comparisons to other artists are hard to draw, but listening to the CD in its entirety, I can’t help to get reminded of some sort of blend of Deep Purple, King Crimson, Focus; just more modern in a sense that the whole production is definitely state of the art – as matter of fact, compared to some of the pieces you get from established bands who actually do have the money and resources to produce decent sound quality, The Pink Alchemist is absolutely top notch.

The opener Elliptic Turns is not necessarily representative of the underlying theme that goes along with the whole CD. However, the listener does get hints of the sophisticated arrangements paired with the rather simplistic core of solid hard rock. Most of the other numbers are heavier. Again, there is no point in trying to make comparisons, but strictly from an arrangement point of few, I got reminded of the early Black Sabbath records: a heavy/bluesy theme, plenty of tempo changes throughout the songs, with many playful elements embedded. Very solid ‘craftsmanship’, intelligent compositions and plenty of depth and drive.

Listening to The Pink Alchemist is like getting on a rollercoaster ride and what I like about the individual songs is the fact that there is always something unexpected going to happen. Definitely a first class product and I am looking forward checking out ‘Itaca’ next. In case you are interested, here is a link to buy The Pink Alchemist by The Soulbreaker Company directly from amazon.

Also, check out the band’s facebook page for further information:


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