The Musician’s Gear Tubular Guitar Stand Review

Guitar Stand By Musician's Gear
Holding My Guitars In Place: The Tubular Guitar Stand

I think this actually my third model I just bought of the Musician’s Gear Tubular Guitar Stand. Usually, I have my guitars hanging on the wall but when I started to tape guitar videos and tutorials, they ended up being all over the place. So one by one, I got myself a bunch of guitar stands; everybody’s happy , even my wife because now the instruments don’t take over the sofas.

Here is a quick video product review on the Tubular Guitar Stand by Musician’s Gear:

As demonstrated in the video, the tube in the back is adjustable so it fits perfectly the height – or I guess you could also say the length of the neck – of your guitar. It also is completely detachable which can be convenient when you need to store it at some point. The three legs are foldable so you have no issues when it comes to transportation. There is a little latch that prevents the guitar from falling off the stand.

Of course, there are limits but the Musician’s Gear Tubular Guitar Stand is configured in a way that it you would really have to run into it to knock the whole thing over. A very solid product for home use, the rehearsal room or touring. The price is phenomenal, I bought mine for under $10 (click here for buying info). So if you’re looking for an inexpensive yet sturdy and functional guitar stand, the tubular by Musician’s Gear would be my recommendation.


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