The Most Expensive For-Sale Elvis Guitar That Didn’t Sell

Elvis GuitarIt’s not about the actual Elvis guitar, it’s what Elvis did with the instrument. In was in a July night of 1975 when 7.500 fans rushed to the sold-out Ashville Civic Center to see the King performing live in front of their eyes. In the middle of the spectators, well actually not in the middle but conveniently seated in the front row, was a young fellow by the name Mike Harris. Not only did he have the best spot in the house in terms of stage view, but as fate will have it, he won’t be going home alone that summer night. Nah, it’s not what you think!

The curtains got pulled back and Elvis plus band opened up the show with their first song. After a couple of strums though, he leaned over from the stage and gave the surprised Mike his guitar. Not just ‘a guitar’, of course. We’re talking about a mighty Gibson Ebony Dove Flat-Top. That’s in and of itself a pretty remarkable instrument, but imagine that this particular one was played by Elvis. Well, terrified and in awe, Mike held on tight to his new possession.

At the end of the show, so thought Mike, Elvis would surely ask for his guitar back. But he didn’t. Instead he told Harris: “No, that’s yours. I gave it to you for a reason, and it’s gonna help you out some day!”. Well, I mean I’m not the biggest Elvis fan, but had that happened to me, I would’ve completely blown away. That gesture alone is just amazing.

Anyway, the King must have had a premonition. Because 40 years later, Harris decided to sell his Elvis guitar to make some cash. Graceland Auctions expected to sell the Gibson for anywhere between $300,000 – $500,000. However, the reserve was not met. 10 bids came in, the highest at just $275,000.
Well, maybe it’s a sign and Mr. Harris should hold on to his unexpected prize. But either way, even if he ends up selling the guitar, boy, the memory alone is worth gold.

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