The Mini Hendrix Guitar Prodigy Ayla Gezmis

GuitarIngenuity_NewsOh no, please not another one of those kids who just emerged from not having to use diapers anymore but allegedly already play the guitar like Eddie Van Halen. There are tons of videos like that on youtube. And no doubt, there are lot of youngsters out there who play remarkably well at a very early age. But only very few of them ever really rise to the echelon of becoming a respected musician, let alone a star.

Well, I don’t know for sure what eventually is going to happen to Ayla Gezmis, who is called a “Mini Hendrix” at only 10 years of age. And yes, Ayla is a SHE. I must admit I was curious when I heard about her so I decided to have a look – and guess what, the girl rocks, big time. Considering she only picked up the guitar two years ago, she’s playing unbelievably well. In addition to that – and this is what really impressed me the most – she actually plays with panache and soul. I have the utmost respect for any kid who sits down and practices like crazy, just to shred as many notes as possible as fast as they can. But Ayla’s playing – based on the few snippets I saw – is very different. She’s not having her fingers running up and down the guitar neck, she sticks to her comfort zone, but she knows what she’s doing. She knows how to use dynamics, playing subtle tones when appropriate, but always ready to follow up with some heavy Rock ’n’ Roll shuffles, making it very clear who’s the boss in the house.

The only thing that I’m afraid of are the haters out there. I can hear them already bitching and well, hating. I hope Ayla, her parents and teachers will ignore all that nonsense and carry on. As far as I am concerned, I am very impressed and I wouldn’t be surprised if one day she will not be known as the Mini-Hendrix anymore, but under whatever her stage name will be then. Good luck Ayla, you rock!

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