The Heavy Eyes – ‘He Dreams of Lions’ Album Review

The Heavy Eyes He Speaks Of Lions Album REviewI don’t even know why I do this anymore. Meaning writing about a new release by the Heavy Eyes. Because I usually just end up sharing how much I love the fact that these three guys just stick to their thing. And the same is true, at least in my opinion, for their newest album: He Dreams Of Lions.

Yet again, the Memphis trio didn’t disappoint. Right in line with their previous records, ‘He Dreams Of Lions’ is what seems to be the logical continuation of the band’s journey. The journey of simply plowing through everything that may dare stepping in their way, border lining recklessness and oblivion. Keeping their heads down and just moving forward.

Now, what could arguably be perceived as predictability, I call ‘reliable consistency’. You know what you get. After I had purchased their self-titled debut album, it was clear to me that the Heavy Eyes found, or I should rather say ‘created’ a new niche. Because as far as I’m concerned it is difficult to pin-point the exact category into which their material would fall. And that’s the very essence of what makes their music standing out – I guess it comes down to the apparent effortlessness of combining heavy rock, blues and psychedelic and turning it into something unique and distinctly different. You know it’s a Heavy Eyes tune the second you hear it. There is no room to mistake them for another act.

‘He Dreams Of Lions’ features 11 tracks, mostly riff-based and driven numbers that will inevitably put a grin on your face.

1. Shadow ShakerThe Heavy Eyes He Speaks Of Lions Album REview
2. Saint
3. ZBO
4. Old Saltillo Road
5. He Dreams Of Lions
6. Hail To The King, Baby
7. Smoke Signals
8. The Fool
9. Somniloquy
10. Little Finger
11. Modern Shells

I hope I’m not contradicting myself, but ‘He Dreams of Lions’ is the Heavy Eyes’ most diverse and progressive album. The song-writing evolved and I feel what was already very good, has now gotten even better, with regard to the performance of the band as a whole. However, to be clear, the aforementioned consistency by sticking to the roots and not deviating from the path their on, still holds true. This album features a few new elements, just enough to allow for a little bit of variety, without compromising the underlying foundation.

The Heavy Eyes delivered with ‘He Dreams Of Lions’ yet another outstanding album. No dull moments, from zero to 100 in 2 seconds, all the way through the end. Just the way we like it! Go and get your copy now.

The Heavy Eyes on Bandcamp
Kozmic Artifacts (Record Label)

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