The Guitar Open D Tuning Video Guide

The Open D tuning is very popular because it’s predestined for slide guitar playing as well as what is commonly referred to as “fretting”. Fretting means, you just cover all the strings in one fret at once which will produce a chord. The open string notes (D,A,D,F#,A,D) of this tuning are forming a D-Major chord, which consists of the notes D, A and F#.

How to tune your guitar from standard tuning into Open D tuning

I put a little video together for that will demonstrate step by step how you change the standard tuning of your guitar into an Open D tuning. It is relatively easy and once you’ve done it a couple of times, it won’t take you long to switch back and forth between the two tunings in no time.

Okay, I hope I was able to show you what needs to be done. For your reference, here is a quick overview what you need to do with each string to get your guitar into an Open D tuning:

  1. Tune the low E string down to D
  2. Leave the A string as is
  3. Leave the D string as is
  4. Tune the G string down to F#
  5. Tune the B string down to A
  6. Tune the high E string down to D

That’s it. Let me know if you have any questions. Now have fund sliding and strumming. Oh, by the way, this is me playing a kind of random tune in Open D – sorry for the attire!


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