The gTar For Your iPhone Is Here

Use Your iPhone With The New gTAR
The iPhone Goes Guitar!

I don’t have an iPhone but everybody else has. I also don’t have a gTar – well, why would I, since I don’t have an iPhone, right? Anyway, I digress.

The bottom line is, the gTar is here and I’m sure a lot of people will have a lot of fun with it. So this gTar thing looks and feels like a regular guitar, well, almost. It has a body, neck and strings. And there is a little indented space where you can plug your iPhone right into the guitar. No wires necessary. From what I understand, via the iPhone you can select certain levels of difficulty and based on your selection, LEDs embedded in the fretboard will light up and tell you exactly where to put your fingers on. Check out the video for a more detailed description of the gTar.

Pretty good idea, however, I still can’t view this as an actual instrument. Now, obviously I never had any of those things in my hand and my opinion is based on this video and information I obtained from this article. Two questions that come to mind: how does the gTar tell you what fingers you are supposed to use? Second, what about bends?

Well, I still think it can be a fun thing, but I am just not convinced that this should be considered an instrument or as an substitute for a real guitar. But knowing how people go insane over iPhones and accessories, I am sure that the gTar will be a huge success.

For more information, including the gTar price and where to purchase it from, please click here.


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