The Gibson Pump Polish Review

Gibson Pump PolishI’ve been using my first bottle of the Gibson Pump Polish for almost two years now and it still appears to be almost full. This is because you really only need a couple of pumps to clean your guitar. It does a great job, you can actually tell as you buff the body of your instrument that the surface is getting smoother and smoother. However, I really like the fact that when you’re done with the job, there is no residue or greasiness.

Two important points when using the Gibson Pump Polish: I personally wouldn’t use it on any metal hardware. However, when it happens – which is almost inevitable – then there is no reason to panic. According to the manufacturer, it doesn’t do any harm on metal parts. Actually, Gibson says that it can be safely used on all types of finishes, including lacquer and polyurethane. Secondly, I do not use the product on my fretboard, instead, I’m using the Music Nomad F-One Fretboard Oil.

Above is a video review of how I use the Gibson Pump Polish on my Gibson SG ’61 Reissue.

Okay, there is really not much more to say. I think it does a great job, definitely worth the price. Speaking of, you can buy just the pump dispenser or a variety of combo packs that include other products. Therefore, the price may vary depending on what you end up buying. However, the bottle just by itself is somewhere around $5.99.

Any questions that I didn’t answer in the video review? Well, leave a comment below and I will get back to you promptly.

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