The “F Chord Guitar Easy” Workaround

Easy Workaround To Play An F Chord On Guitar
You Don’t Have To Use Your Index Finger To Bar All The Strings With This Workaround

The ominous F chord is the fear of all guitar beginners. Played according text book procedure, your index finger will have to bar over all six strings at the same time, pressing them down while the other fingers are covering certain strings in the second and third fret. That can get tricky and sometimes seems to be even impossible, especially when you are new to the instrument.

I’m usually all for making things as easy as possible, however, in this particular case I’m a little bit concerned. The bottom line is, there is of course this “F Chord Guitar Easy” way to do it people are looking for, but I hope I can at least make you considering learning it the right way from the get go.

Alright, but since you asked, here is a video that will demonstrate how to play the F Chord in an easy way, at least that’s what most people perceive as the easy way, even though I personally have my reservations.

Since the video doesn’t provide any close up shots, here are some images that will show you exactly what you need to do.

F Chord Finger Position “Easy”

Fingerposition Of The 'Easy F Chord' Alternative
F Chord Without Barring All The Strings

Okay, here is why I believe you should try to practice this chord the way it’s supposed to be played. Sooner or later, you are very likely to get to the point that you will have learn bar chords (also known as barre chords) anyway. So why not just doing it right in the first place. Secondly, as described in the video, I personally doubt that the so called easy way to play an F Chord is in actuality that much easier than just playing it the regular way.

By the way, just for practicing purposes, here is a little trick to get your fingers used to the position and to muscle up your index finger: go and bring all your fingers into position as if you would play an F Chord, but don’t press the stings down. Now move everything up by five frets. This will give you an A Major chord. It is much easier to press down the strings in this position because you are farther away from the nut. When you can comfortably play this barred A Major chord, move it back down by one fret toward the head. And then another one, and another one….until you’re back to your original position, the F Chord. What I just described may actually take a couple of weeks, but it helped me a lot when I started playing the guitar and when I struggled with this chord.

F Chord Finger Position “Regular”

It’s all a matter of practice. Sooner all later these bar chords will become as natural as any open chord. And putting a little extra effort in the beginning by doing it the regular way, can pay off big time later on.

Regular Way To Play An F Chord On Guitar
Regular Finger Position When Playing An F Chord
Regular Version Of The F Chord
Barring All Six Strings With Your Index Finger Takes Practice!

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