The AXL Acoustic Guitar Transducer Pickup PG 800 Review

AXL Acoustic Guitar Transducer Pickup PG 800
AXL Acoustic Guitar Transducer Pickup PG 800

What can you expect from a guitar accessory product that costs less than $14? Well, in this case I’m happy to report that the AXL Acoustic Guitar Transducer Pickup PG 800 is probably the steal of the year. It is absolutely ridiculous how much bang you get for your buck. I really didn’t put my hopes to high but this little thing exceeded all my expectations. I thought I share my experience with you and also I wanted to clear up the nonsense that was stated by some customers regarding the suction cup. As you will see in the video review below, there is absolutely no problem at all – but I will talk about this a little bit later. Here is a live demo of the AXL Acoustic Guitar Transducer Pickup PG 800:

Okay, the item arrived two days after I had placed the order. It took me less than one minute to take it out of the packaging, moisten the suction cup, press it firmly on the body of the guitar and plug it into the amp. Yes, it is that easy and as you can hear in the video the sound quality is stunning. The 9 foot cable allows for a lot of freedom and connects easily to any type of amp via the standard ¼” jack. Again, we are talking about a few seconds and you are ready to play. From what I heard, you can use this acoustic guitar pickup on all different kinds of instruments. Some customers reported that the placement of the pickup is important. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t put too much thought into that and basically just copied what I’ve seen on one of the pictures that was printed on the backside of the packaging. You can see it in the video the exact location where I put mine on. Just make sure that it’s not in your way as you strum or pick the strings.

I’d like to emphasize again that you will have to moisten the suction cup a little bit, but if you do that, you will have no problem at all. That thing feels like it’s glued to the body of my guitar and there is just no way that it can come off easily.

Just to be clear: I totally understand that a professional guitarist will probably have a completely different standard when it comes to mic-ing his guitar. But what you get here for under $14 is absolutely phenomenal. Both, the ease of use as well as the sound quality blew me away. A real steal and I would buy this product over and over again. As a matter of fact, I will be doing exactly that because it’s a perfect Christmas gift for my step daughter. In case you are interested, here is a link to where you can get the AXL Acoustic Guitar Transducer Pickup PG 800 for an amazingly low price of under $14.


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  1. How do you get it to stay on a martin Mexican made guitar with little finish? Even getting it moist doesn’t work.

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