The 2016 Cigar Box Guitar Festival in Webster Groves

Cigar Box Guitar Festival 2016Alright, I admittedly don’t know anything about guitar cigar boxes. I just realized, I actually never ever seen one of those other than on videos or TV. With that said, I was really blown away when I read this nice article (with videos) about the 2016 Cigar Box Guitar Festival in Webster Groves.

It has been the fourth time this annual music festival took place. Of course, it was yet again a Mecca to anyone who’s deep into the guitar cigar box world. The sound of these mainly hand-made instruments is obviously fairly plain, yet rich, earthy and with a retro feel. You need to hear and see it to understand what I’m talking about.

Anyway, for those of you who are interested, go check out the link above which will take you over to the article and video report.

By the way, take a guess: what do you think a cigar box guitar sells for? Apparently, it all depends on the quality of the instrument, which is only logical. So, the higher end models, so I learned, run from about $125-$175. Now I wonder the lower end models are? Maybe I should get one and do a review? What do you think?

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