The 2013 Top Ten Electric Guitar Colors

2013 top ten guitar colorsIs the color of your guitar important to you? Actually, I personally never really thought about if it is to me. Or maybe I did, I just wasn’t aware of it. It seems that I tend to gravitate toward darker tones such as brown and red. But anyway, it seems that to many guitar players the color of their favorite toy is significant to a certain degree. At least that’s what the renowned guitar manufacturer PRS (Paul Reed Smith) says.

On an annual basis they look at their global sales of the first six months. That gives them the data to assess the guitar colors of the current season. And apparently in 2013, the winner is Tobacco Sunburst. Hah, the exact same as the finish of my Ibanez AM 200 – it seems after all I do have a sense ‘fashion’!

But what other candidates made it into the top ten? Well, let’s see: the runner up is the ever classic Black, followed by Whale Blue, Santana Yellow (what? They named a color after Carlos?), Scarlet Red, Orange, Grey Black, Vintage Cherry (just like my Gibson SG 61’ Reissue), Blue Matteo and lastly, Vintage Sunburst.

What’s your favorite guitar color this year?


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