Taylor Swift Shreds Her Guitar

Taylor Swift Guitar
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Okay, not really. I just saw the video where Taylor Swift supposedly showed off her guitar skills on stage. After careful evaluation of the footage, though, I must conclude that Taylor stuck to her comfort zone and strummed away on two chords, while the gentleman next to her seemed to have a slightly more advance skill set on the strings – and on top of that, visibly enjoyed her company. So, I guess it will take a couple more lessons before Taylor can challenge Yngwie to a guitar battle – ah, I just picture that in my head, that’ll be great. Anyway, I digress. Fact is, the Daily Mail headline was a little misleading, or let’s say ‘overly ambitious’ – it read: “Look who’s rocking! Taylor Swift shows off her provocative guitar playing.” Intrigued by such news, I had to check it out, but as I just mentioned, it wasn’t all that exciting.

But to be clear, I like Taylor Swift. I mean, I know a couple of her songs and that’s it. Actually, in case you’re interested, here is a video tutorial on how to play ‘Teardrops on my guitar’.

I hope she will continue to develop her guitar skills. And some day in the future, who knows, she might be able to share the stage with Yngwie to show him how it’s done….who knows…;-)


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