Tascam Portable CD Guitar Trainer – CD-GT1MKII

As I just said, my version of the Guitar Trainer is almost two years old. There are newer models available, such as the Tascam CDGT2 for instance. This one is pretty much the exact same device I have, except that it has been redesigned and it looks a little bit more compact; functionality-wise, though, it’s the same thing. And there is also the Tascam GB-10 Guitar Trainer/Recorder, which allows you to work with MP3 files instead of CDs and it allows lets you record your own playing. At the end of this post you will find a link to amazon that sells all of the aforementioned products at the best prices that I have seen out there.

Okay, as I just explained in the video, I primarily use the Tascam Portable CD Guitar Trainer CD-GT1MKII to slow down a guitar riff or a solo. This allows me to learn things much faster and the important point here is, the pitch of the tone does not shift, no matter how much you slow it down (or speed it up).

The other feature I use on a regular basis it the integrated guitar tuner, which comes with two modes: chromatic, which means the device detects the incoming signal and shows the tone on the display, or GTR-mode, which means you choose the string before you start tuning.

I personally don’t use the loop feature at all, however, it could be very useful. You can basically set a start and end marker to single out a certain part of a song which will then be repeated over and over. In addition to that, you can plug in your own guitar and either play solo or along with a song. The Tascam Guitar Trainer CD-GT1MKII comes with a bunch of integrated guitar effects. I sometimes play around with it but personally it is something I don’t use on a regular basis. Here is one very important point though – do never connect an amp to the Guitar Trainer! This could damage the device.

Here is a link to the manual that I found on the Tascam website that explains all the features and functionality in much more detail.

As for the AC adapter, do yourself a favor and get one, because it’s a ridiculous hassle dealing with the AA batteries all the time. Down below is a link to the right adapter for this device (Tascam PS-PS5).

Alright, so to sum it up: the Tascam Guitar Trainer is perfect for guitarist who want to slow down a song or a part of a song, so they can listen to everything note by note without having the original pitch of the tone shifted down. The Guitar Trainer works like a charm, it’s relatively small and handy. I have most of my music on CD, that’s why I use this particular device and not the GB-10 which is designed for electronic files. The prices for all versions are surprisingly low. I’m not into gear and knick knacks, but the Guitar Trainer is an incredibly helpful device which I don’t want to miss anymore. As promised here are the amazon links to the various models and also a direct link to the AC-Adapter.

Let me know if you have any questions around the Tascam Guitar Trainer and I’ll be happy to answer them for you. Here is a link to the Guitar Shop in case you want to buy this product.


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