The On Stage Guitar FS7850B Guitar Foot Rest Review

[caption id="attachment_3073" align="alignleft" width="180"]Guitar Foot Stool Review A Good Investment: The FS7850B Is Only Around $10.[/caption]

It took me only 25 years of playing guitar until I finally came to my senses, plunked down $10 and got myself a guitar foot stool. Or to be more precise, I just bought the ‘On-Stage-Guitar FS7850B foot stool for myself and after using is for a little over a week now, I must admit I should have done that much earlier.

The FS7850B is heavier than it looks on the picture which is an indication of its sturdy built. With that being said, this is my first foot rest so I don’ have any references and therefore I’m unable to compare this particular device to other models. However, I haven’t seen any issues so far and unless you use it inappropriately (like literally standing on it with your full body weight or other nonsense), I really doubt that I will encounter any problems down the road.