Strassell Guitars And The Quick-Connect Pickup System

Strassell GuitarsNow here’s an idea! What if you could, within seconds, change the pickups of your guitar to switch from one sound to another? Impossible, you may say. Well, for now. But if Andrew Strassell’s – founder of Strassell Guitars – concept takes off, this could be very well setting a new trend in guitar building. And I wouldn’t be surprised if other makers would eventually try to copy this revolutionary idea.

Usually, changing the pickups on a guitar a time-consuming and often painstaking endeavor. First, you need to take of the strings, then open up the body and likely tinker with the wiring. Not easy, especially if you’re not savvy. Plus, let’s say that you despite all obstacles succeed, however, you later on realize that your new pickups are not quite what you expected and you rather try a different one. Inevitably, you would have to start over in addition to spending more money on your new accessory. Ultimately, you could plunk down thousands of dollars until you – hopefully – eventually get the sound you desired.

Strassell Guitars Quick-Connect Pickup System

So, what is Strassell Guitars and how are they different? It’s simple: guitarist can effortlessly swap their pickups within seconds and without going through the whole hassle that’s usually necessary to get this done. The pickups are encased in cartridges and you can easily push them in or out through the back of your guitar. It literally takes a second to switch from a P90 to a humbucker or single coil.

In the video below Andrew demonstrates how the Strassell Guitar Quick Connect Pickup System works:

For now, Strassell works out of his New York apartment, taking orders from customers on a case by case basis. However, if his idea gains traction, he wants to expand and take things to the next level. So far, the feedback Strassell received is promising, so there’s definitely a chance that this could set a new standard in guitar building.

Personally, I don’t think that I’d ever be interested because I’m too old school and I also don’t have the need to swap my pickups all the time. But nonetheless, I do think Andrew Strassell is on to something and there definitely seems to be some demand by guitarist and the industry. I wish him luck because just coming up with such an innovative concept is pretty cool.

Check out the Strassell Guitars website and read more on music.mic. Also, visit Andrew’s Indiegogo campaign to help him getting the word out and support his project.

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