Steve Vai Talking Zappa And Life Lessons

GuitarIngenuity_NewsNothing earth shattering new was revealed by guitar legend Stave Vai in his interview with Nathan Bevan, right before he took stage in Cardiff a couple of nights ago. But still, always fascinating.

Imagine you’re 20 years of age and Frank Zappa calls, telling you to stop by for an audition. He asked you to play the most outrageous things, up to a point where it just gets impossible to follow his requests. You think, alright, that’s it – I’m probably just not good enough. But then Frank tells you that you’re in the band and the next thing you know is that you’re on tour with Zappa.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Well, Steve Vai says that in hindsight, touring with Zappa was an important experience, not only musically, but also as far as handling himself in midst of the Rock ‘n’ Roll craziness. And by learning it the hard way early on, he was prepared for the insanity that was yet to follow. For instance, based on what he shared in his recent interview, touring with ex Van Halen lead-singer David Lee Roth seemed to be even more bizarre and out-of-control. Lots of girls, booze and drugs everywhere, easy to get tempted and taken off track. Well, as we all know, Steve Vai turned out to do very well for himself, so I guess he must have done something right (thank you, Mr. Zappa).

Oh, and who knew that Steve took up bee-keeping? Interesting…


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