Snark Guitar Tuner – The Snark SN-1 Review

The SN-1 Guitar Tuner By Snark
Works Like A Charm: The Snark SN-1 Chromatic Clip-On Guitar Tuner

Let’s keep it short. I had heard a lot about the SNARK Guitar Tuner models; however, I was a skeptic. Until two weeks ago. I ordered myself one of those little devices and below is my Snark SN-1 review. I want to apologize in advance, this is not one of my best guitar gear video reviews – the picture is a little shaky, I still hope though I was able to capture how easy it is to use.

The SNARK SN-1 Guitar Tuner just clips on to your guitar. The display is super bright and very easy to read. You can adjust it easily, which is very convenient. And that by the way is true even when the light is sub-optimal. The device works accurately, the SNARK SN-1 is just as good as any other tuner, but probably cost only less a fraction of other more sophisticated models. It comes with a battery which just needs to be put inside and then you are ready to go.

One of the issues guitarists usually come across with is the ‘responsiveness’ of the tuning device. Meaning you hit a string and at first the tuner is all over the place – or doesn’t react at all. This is not the case with the SN-1 by SNARK. It’s right there after you play note and the pitch is dead on.

You can use this device as a chromatic tuner or use the pre-sets to tune into a certain tone. Also, it comes with a visual metronome, I haven’t used it yet, though.

I saved the best for last. The Snark-SN1 guitar tuner is available for around $10 through here. That’s just insanely cheap considering what you get for your money. I am very impressed with this tuner and can only highly recommend it. Oh, needless to say, it works on all types of guitars – if you want to tune your electric guitar, you don’t need an amplifier. Just clip the tuner on the headstock and play a string, the tuner will react immediately. I am extremely pleased with this product and I can only highly recommend it. You can buy it from amazon through this link:


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