SiriusXM Gives Tom Petty His Own Channel

Tom Petty Sirius XMGood news for Tom Petty fans! Well, that is if you have an active Siriux XM subscription. The radio station just announced that Petty will be getting his own channel, starting to air this weekend, November 20. Tune to channel 31 and listen to Tom DJ-ing the first show titled “Tom Petty Radio”.

Of course, long time SiriusXM subscribers are not strangers to Petty’s radio platform. After all, his ‘Tom Petty’s Buried Treasures’ completed nine seasons and keeps going strong. As for his new show and his own dedicated channel, Petty announced to present tons of previously unreleased content and material – such as, for example, a recorded broadcast of the Heartbreaker’s show back in August at Boston’s Fenway Park.

Additionally, Petty promised to have lots of his friends coming in for interviews and on-air story sharing with his devoted audience. Understandably, Tom is excited about this opportunity and looks forward to creating a new chapter with SiriusXM. So is the radio-station’s content officer Scott Greenstein, who believes that the mix of rare, old original Petty material and content from other artists in the industry will get received well by the fan community. And who knows, maybe draw in even more prospective subscribers.

That reminds me that my SiriusXM subscription is about to expire. I just got a new car and a 3-month that came with 3 months of complementary access to the satellite radio. Should I go for a permanent subscription? Nah, no disrespect to Mr. Petty, Howard Stern and SiriusXM – but my iPhone is filled with stuff I need to listen to, all of which is presumably not compatible to radio format. Unless someone decides to play St. Vitus, Witchfinder General, Elder, etc. on his channel, then I might be inclined.

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