Satan’s Dealer – Dealer Of The Gods Album Review

Dealer of the Gods‘Dealer of the Gods’ that’s the recognizable name by the equally memorable duo ‘Satan’s Dealer’. And what a statement this album is! While I don’t know if I can call their material unique, it certainly is one of a kind. I typically try not to compare bands with or to each other, but Satan’s Dealer, to me, sounds like if Anthrax embarked on a Doom/Stoner album. Not the best of analogies, but just to give you a flavor.

For those of you who know me, you know that Trash is not really my thing as a musical category. That said, I deeply admire the musicianship of those bands who keep it all together at a fast pace. To be clear, I wouldn’t want to call ‘Dealer of the Gods’ a trash album, but the resemblance of certain aspects of their material lends itself as a reference. However, rather than the characteristic galloping double bass, the band primarily adopted the attitude of the genre.

‘Dealer of the Gods’ features 10 power-packed tracks and good luck trying to keep up with the band’s constant riff-hammering and drum-thunder. Jim Powell, responsible for the guitar work, is not compromising on anything, and the same is true for Neill Pesch whose drumming is versatile yet steady as Swiss clockwork. There is no space for fluff or pomp. What you get is what you see and hear – honest, straight forward, but also with a sense of humor, which is reflected in both the track titles and lyrics.

‘Dealer of the Gods’ is sludgy, gritty and relentless. The album doesn’t really fit a certain mold and I really like that fact. This is how bands create their own sound, with high recognition value. I strongly recommend that you give it a listen. Below are a couple of links to the band’s social platforms:

Satan’s Dealer on Bandcamp


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