Rock Titan Of The Year 2012 Award Goes To Tony Iommi

GuitarIngenuity_NewsAs you probably know, Tony Iommi got diagnosed with lymphoma right around Christmas 2011 if I recall correctly. However, the ‘Iron Man’ handled the situation like he handled many setbacks and challenges before. He tackled his health situation head on and continued to work on his autobiography – which has since been finalized – and the work with his old band mates Ozzy and Geezer on their highly anticipated next studio-album.
Rightly so, Tony Iommi received the 2012 Rock Titan of the Year Loudwire Music Award. He was up against artists such as Corey Taylor (Slipknot) and Slash. I hope Tony remains in good health and I can’t wait for the new Black Sabbath album to be released later this year. It will be named ’13’ and there’s a lot of controversy around that – oh well, there has always been a lot of that in the history of Black Sabbath. Either way, congratulations Tony. You’re the best and we know it!

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