Quist – Trigger Album Review

Quist Trigger Album ReviewGuitarist and composer Quist, with his 2017 release ‘Trigger’, forced me out of my wheelhouse and conventional comfort-zone, relative to the genres I am typically more comfortable and familiar with. And the thought of trying to write-up a review of this album intimidates me a little bit, admittedly. Because it is tremendously difficult for me to make references and comparisons to other acts, which is something I would usually do. However, Quist’s approach to song-writing and guitar playing is unique to me, or at least distinctly different.

I hardly know anything about Quist. This is not for a lack of interest, but rather the result of a deliberate decision I made in not familiarizing with the artist, but rather listen to his product free from any pre-conceived assumptions. It turned out to be refreshingly liberating, because I could just consume the music without expecting anything and without having my brain being in constant Analysis-Mode, which is what typically happens when I ‘review’ music or simply listen to a new piece.

Do you know that feeling when you listen to the first few bars of a record for the first time and you think “oh wow, this is gonna be good”? You finished the first track, and it blew you away but then inevitably the realization sinks in that it’s virtually impossible that this going to continue? However, low and behold, after five tracks into the album your face is still melted and you can reasonably conclude that you’re holding something very special in your hand?

It doesn’t happen very often but you know exactly if and when it happens! ‘Trigger’ by Quist, falls into that eclectic category of albums.

Here is my video review of ‘Trigger’ by Quist:

Quist is one of the most eloquent guitarists I have ever listened to, in a musical sense. ‘Trigger’ is a thoughtful record, content-dense but with a playful attitude which presents a comfortable equilibrium. Determined, but equally careful, intelligently nuanced and unambiguous in its message, this record has elevated my spirit and for the love of God: What else can you ask for?

Please check out the links below for more information about the artist and his merchandise.

Quist on FretMonkey Records

Quist Official Website

Quist – Trigger track list:

1 Science Of Traffic
2 She #Zen
3 Rise Of Silver
4 Chromey Yum
5 Spinna
6 City Echoes Revisited (Interlude)
7 Pentaceratops Party Crasher
8 Be-Longing
9 Glitch
10 Pull Out Robot Here (Interlude)
11 Double Yang
12 Wave Trigger
13 Googleonaut

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