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Purple Hill Witch ReviewWhat an album, what a band. I have no idea why not more people are all over this. Not to say that Purple Hill Witch is lost in obscurity by any means – but I still wonder why, even among die-hard doom and heavy rock fans, the Swedish power-trio finds hardly any mention. It certainly can’t be because for a lack of quality or musicianship. “Purple Hill Witch” by Purple Hill Witch is one of the best hard/heavy rock records ever. Hands down.

Released by “Church Within Records” in 2013, this is the only album available. Which is a crying shame and I sure hope that Andreas Schafferer (bass), Kristian Ingvaldsen (guitar) and Oyvind Kvam (drums) will produce many more kick-ass tunes. Also, unfortunately more detailed information about the band and the individual members is hard to find. But that too might hopefully change in the near future. In the meantime, check out their facebook page.

I’m hesitant to compare Purple Hill Witch to other bands, because their sound – while not unfamiliar – is truly unique. One of the things I appreciate about them is the vocal delivery. Embedded in a good amount of echo, I can actually hear and understand the lyrics, which is a massive plus on my list. Speaking of the lyrics, I’d best describe them as abstract yet meaningful, and without reading too much into it, reflective and philosophical at times.

Most, if not all, songs are carried by earthy, well pronounced riffs. The band found a great balance of putting up a massive sound framework as a foundation, while wisely navigating with beautifully haunting and equally powerful “in your face” chord sequences through their songs. We all perceive music differently, but to me, there is also a certain meditative element present most of the times.

Purple Hill Witch

Here is the Purple Hill Witch track list:

1. Queen of the Hill
2. Astral Booze
3. The Final Procession
4. Karmanjaka
5. The Landing
6. Aldebaranian Voyage (Into the Sun)
7. Purple Hill Witch

Check out my Purple Hill Witch review video:

Alright, enough said. If you don’t have this record on your shelf already, you have no excuse but to get out there and get yourself a copy. It will blow you away when you listen to it the first time, and guess what, it even gets better the more you play it. And get the word out, the band sure deserve it and we all need to make sure that there’s enough support from us fans for a second album to come to fruition soon.

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