Play Guitar In 21 Days For Under $19.95

Learn Guitar In 21 Days For Under $19.95Is it possible to learn to play guitar in 21 days for under $19.95? Remarkably, yes, it is. That is, if you manage your expectations right and don’t assume you’ll be the next Eddie VanHalen after only three weeks of practicing your axe. On the other hand, it is certainly doable to equip yourself with a solid understanding of some guitar basics, such as a robust beginner guitar chord vocabulary along with some strumming. That’s pretty much standard for everybody. I think of it as the first phase in the guitar journey which as I just said, seems to be more or less the same for all guitar players. And that is definitely within reach, even if you have the objective to learn to play guitar in 21 days only. Oh, and yes of course, we want to make sure that you get this done for very little – or possibly no money at all.

I’d like to discuss two options with you that are both viable in that they certainly meet the criteria relative to the cost (i.e. it must be less than $19.95) and the tight timelines of learning to play guitar in 21 days.

Option 1 – The Free Beginners Guitar Course

As the name suggests, my Beginners Guitar Course is a program completely free of charge. That wasn’t always like that. It started out at $69 initially, but now you can secure your full life-time access to this course for no money at all.

But what do you get as part of this course and how does this program help you in your “Learn Guitar 21 Days” project? Well, it’s actually quite simple. If you just follow the course in its regular sequence, meaning you take all the lessons in their normal order, after 21 days of guitar learning, you will be at a level that is consistent with I described above.

You will be able to: Free Online Beginners Guitar Course

– find the right guitar for you
– tune your guitar and take proper care of it
– play a dozen basic guitar chords
– use a couple of strumming patterns
– play a ton of beginner guitar songs
– develop an understanding of where to go next in your guitar journey

Sounds like a plan, right? Now, typically, students take on average about 3 months to complete the entire guitar course. So, if you after 21 days of learning to play the guitar are still hungry for more, just continue with the course and take it all the way to the end.

Click here to get started now.

Alternatively, you can do what I’m about to suggest in a second in the next chapter.

Option 2 – Sign-up for one month of Jamplay for less than $19.95

Jamplay, as you probably know, is the #1 online guitar learning platform. Close to 500,000 have taken Jamplay guitar lessons and consistently voted them as the best way to learn guitar online. So, there must be something to it, right?

Well, there sure is. Because I had a chance to scrutinize their offers and I must say, saying that I’m impressed would be an understatement. With that being said, ultimately, it all comes down to you and your personal preferences. You may or may not like Jamplay – but in order to find out, here is what I would suggest:

Grab my “learn guitar in 21 days – free download of 10%-25% exclusive Jamplay Coupon codes”. Then go over to Jamplay and sign up for their Guitar Course for Beginners for 1 MONTH and use the 25% coupon code.

That will give you access to the entire beginners course for a full month for less than $19.95. In other words, you pay less for entire month of Jamplay than you would pay elsewhere for just 1 LESSON. Click on the image below to get your exclusive Jamplay Coupons now:

How to learn guitar in 21 days

Alright, to sum this up, if you want to learn guitar in 21 days, I’d go with Jamplay , use the 25% Off coupon and get going. That way you probably get the most out of your time and money.

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