Planet Waves Planet Lock Guitar Straps Review

Planet Waves Guitar StrapsPlanet Waves guitar straps are one of the best-selling guitar accessories. So when I after 25 years or so decided that it’s time to get rid of my crappy leather strap and treat myself for a model that has security locks, well, the Planet Waves strap called ‘Planet Lock’ (black, satin) was just a logical choice.

So, first of all, let’s talk about the price. If I recall correctly, I paid less than $20. In my opinion money spent wisely because of the locks. I always had issues with my old strap that just has holes on both sides. Countless times my guitars slipped out of the strap. Fortunately, I was always able to catch my instrument before it hit the floor. But there was obviously always a risk that one day my guitar could get seriously damaged or even destroyed. So shortly I treated myself for my dream guitar, a Gibson SG ’61 Reissue, I finally decided to get myself a more reliable model, such as the Planet Lock guitar strap.

If you feel that $20 is too much of an investment, then you’ll probably glad to hear that there are plenty of Planet Waves locking strap models available, starting for as low as $8! Of course, it gets more expensive if you opt for some of the more fancy versions, like the one that comes with a Beatles print, Voodoo pattern or more sophisticated leather versions.

Further below is my Planet Waves locking strap video review.

Alright, here are all the relevant product features so you can decide if this is something you want to look into for yourself. This should answer most of your questions around this specific Planet Waves Guitar Lock Strap model:

– Adjustable from 35″ to 59.5″ long
– Safe on all finishes, will not scratch your guitar’s body
– Patented Planet Lock system fits virtually any guitar, eliminating the need to change hardware
– You can use the same strap on different guitars.
– Planet Waves Black Satin design
– Also available in regular leather end
– Our patented design Planet Lock system fits virtually any guitar and stays locked in place until you release the side pin.
– Planet Lock is designed to fit securely on your guitar’s existing end pins

In addition to my old leather strap, this is the only other model I own. So I can’t really make any comparison to other brands. On the other hand, I really never felt the need to try out different products because I am very satisfied with this one. It’s sturdy, robust, yet flexible enough to wear it comfortably. All in all, I can only highly recommend it.

If you have any more specific question around the Planet Waves Planet Lock strap for guitars, just send me an email.

2 thoughts on “Planet Waves Planet Lock Guitar Straps Review”

  1. Hi Ulrich,
    I read your “Planet Waves Planet Lock Guitar Straps Review”. I have same guitar SG ’61 Reissue. On some pictures lock system looks very robust. As you know SG has different pin location (on his back side) than most other guitars. I’m afraid could lock system scratches my SG back side however writes in specification “Safe on all finishes, will not scratch your guitar’s body”?
    Sorry for my bad English.
    Thanks in advanced.

    1. Hi Mario,

      So far I haven’t had any issues with getting scratches, however, others have reported that they had problems and therefore don’t recommend using this particular strap on their SGs. So, I guess, if you want to be on the safe side, you should probably look into other alternatives. Maybe in the near future I will have an opportunity to test/review a few more straps that are better suited for SGs.

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