Paul McCartney Leaves Elvis With Guitar Pick

Paul McCartney during His Graceland Visit
Sir Paul McCartney Dropping Off A Guitar Pick At Elvis’ Grave; Image courtesy of LN1.

Okay, so let’s don’t be ‘picky’ here. I know some of you will take the opportunity to lecture and remind me that Paul McCartney is actually playing bass, hence the plectrum in question here should be referred to as ‘bass-pick’. Anyway, the point is: we now know how and where Paul decided to spent his Memorial Day Weekend. In true Rock ‘n’ Roller fashion, he seized the opportunity to visit the Graceland mansion in Memphis while covering North America on his ‘Out There’ tour.

 The first (and last?) time McCartney met The King was back in 1965. Reportedly, a rather awkward encounter between the new supergroup ‘The Beatles’ and the already well established Elvis, because none of the fab-four had anything to say. Well, even Rock ‘n’ Roll icons run out of words when they meet their own heroes. However, Elvis managed to break the ice by having a bunch of guitars arranged and from what we know, the five went on to have a great time jamming along with each other.

Obviously, Elvis was a massive influence on John Lennon and Paul McCartney before and throughout their career. Well over a dozen cover versions became part The Beatles repertoire. And being a true fan and believer in an after-life, Paul dropped one of his picks on Presley’s grave, so Elvis can play in heaven.

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