Paul Gilbert And His Interactive Online Guitar School

Rock Guitar Lessons Online With Paul Gilbert
Shred Guitar Wiz Paul Gilbert In His Online Guitar School

As he announced back a couple of weeks ago, as of today, Paul Gilbert is live with his Online Rock Guitar School. The purpose of this collaboration with “Artist Works” is to provide interactive guitar lessons and answer specific questions via video responses from Gilbert directly. In other words, students can submit their own videos and Paul is going to reply back with his critique via video response. Pretty cool, idea, Mr. Gilbert!

Gilbert explained that there are a lot of folks out there who are interested in learning how to play the guitar or just want to have their skills refreshed. But as usual, worldly things such as a lack of time, money or just finding a qualified guitar teacher turn often into challenges and willing students give up before they even got started.

The Paul Gilbert guitar tutorials will allow the students to learn at their own pace. The videos will feature a variety of different camera angles and come with enhanced functionality that allows them to slow down certain sections, create loops, so they can get a good look and listen in closely on how things are being played by the master himself.

I encourage you to visit the Paul Gilbert Rock Guitar School. As for the tuition fees, for three months it’s $90, for six months $150 and for a full year you’ll have to pay $240. I’m not exactly clear on all the details so makes sure you check out the link above. But I like the idea, I think Paul Gilbert is not only an excellent guitarist, but he also comes across as a nice guy in his guitar tutorial available on youtube. So why not giving it a try – I might actually do that.


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