Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners – What Works And What Doesn’t

Beginners Online Guitar LessonsTaking individual face to face lessons from a guitar teacher can get very costly. Group or guitar classes are, in my opinion, ineffective and usually cause a good deal of frustration for all parties involved. Online guitar lessons for beginners can be a viable option, however, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. In the following article, I will share my experience as a guitar teacher with you. First I will shortly talk about one-on-one lessons, as well as guitar classes, and then I will let you know what I think about the many “free online guitar lessons for beginners” offers that are all over the Internet these days. Lastly, I will share with you a number of online resources that provide high quality beginner guitar lessons – except for one, they are all completely free of charge to you.

Here is a table to of contents with bookmarks throughout this article:

1. Online vs. Face-to-Face Lessons – The Truth Does Matter
2. Free Guitar Lessons Online – When ‘Free’ Is Not ‘Free’
3. Best Free Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners – 3 Sources You Can Trust
4. Best Guitar Lessons Online For Beginners – Why Jamplay Is My Top Choice (with coupon codes for you)

1. Online vs. Face-to-Face Lessons – The Truth Does Matter

If I was smarter, I would just tell you to forget taking in person guitar lessons. I would tell you to take my free online guitar course for beginners, or even better, refer you to JamPlay. But apparently I’m just not that smart and on top of that, I’d be withholding what I believe is a very important acknowledgment when it comes to give someone advice around the best ways to learn guitar.

best online guitar lessonsTherefore, and you might have heard me saying this before: here’s a shout out to all guitar teachers who give face-to-face lessons. I too did that for many years in my younger days and well before I started So, in other words, I actually did both: I gave individual (and group) in-person lessons and I developed an online guitar learning program for beginners. Which one is more effective? In all likelihood the 1:1 lessons. Because if you can afford to work with a good guitar teacher, there’s just nothing else that can beat that with respect to learning efficiency. A teacher can help you right away and will work with you on the things that you are struggling with. He will adjust to your personal needs which are different from the needs of other guitar students.

So, if you know a guitar teacher whom you trust, give him/her a shot. They deserve it and give them my best regards. Even though, it does come with a drawback and that’s the cost – and the fact that you’ll have somebody scrutinizing you all the time. Plus, it might not be the best idea to take in-person lessons in your underwear, that would be weird, right? Well, if you decide to take online beginner guitar lessons instead, you can actually do that, nobody will care. Now, not having to get adequately dressed is not the only advantage of doing your guitar learning online, but we will discuss this later (thanks for indulging my awkward example).

I don’t want to spend too much time on the so called guitar classes or group lessons. They have one, but only one, advantage – they are usually very cheap. I’d like to emphasize ‘usually’ here, because I have seen them being advertised for several hundred dollars which in my opinion is not worth your money. But again, under normal circumstances you can probably sign-up for group lessons for very little money. That’s great but here is the issue: it only takes one student to slow down the progress of the entire class. Unless the guitar teacher sticks rigorously to his schedule, which means that some students won’t be able to keep up. I’ve been teaching guitar students from the age of 12 to over 80, and believe me, each student has a different learning pace with different and very individual needs. Therefore, I personally just don’t think that group guitar lessons are conducive to teach guitar beginners. I totally admit that there are teachers out there who vehemently disagree with me and I respect their opinion, however, I stick to what I’ve just said.

Alright, so working with a guitar teacher is great and if money and schedule are not an issue, do it!

For those of you to whom money is an issue and who do not have a lot of flexibility in their schedule, let’s look at what the world online has to offer in terms of guitar lessons and programs.

2. Free Guitar Lessons Online – When ‘Free’ Is Not ‘Free’

Ah, one of my favorite topics. The blessing of the Internet. Well, there is no doubt that you can go online and find tons of offers on free guitar lessons for beginners. I did not check them all so I cannot make any conclusive statements here – it might very well be that some of them actually deliver what they promise. However, I did look into some of them and what I saw was in my opinion not adequate, to use moderate language. We all like ‘free’ things, but they can be useless if you don’t get any value.

In addition to that, more often than not there is some sort of ‘up-sale’ involved. For instance, you get access to a bunch of free online guitar lessons for beginners videos, however, in order to get the practicing worksheets that go along with the videos, you will have to make a payment or worse, sign-up for a costly membership program. That, to me, is just a lame marketing trick and frankly a rather deceiving practice.

3. Best Free Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners – 3 Sources You Can Trust

So, enough negativity. The world is not that bad and among all the mediocre content, there are actually a bunch of excellent online guitar learning courses for beginners available.

And now it’s time to share three of them with you. I can vouch for all three of them and as you will find out in a second, two of those are actually what you may call my ‘competition’. I don’t like that notion, because first of all, these two guys have been around for much longer than me and have a much bigger online presence. Secondly, as a principle, I’m not competing with anyone online. I do believe in what I’m doing but ultimately, it is completely up to you whether you like my online guitar lessons for beginners, guitar gear reviews, song tutorials, etc., or rather go with someone else. My goal is to ensure that you end up in the right hands and I therefore have absolutely no problem to direct you to other guitar teachers who I believe do an outstanding job. Well, there you have it again – me and ‘selling’ my products is like two worlds colliding.

Justin Guitar: If you’ve been browsing online in the past looking for free online guitar lessons for beginners or advanced players, chances are you saw a few of Justin’s video tutorials. They are great, he’s a fantastic guitar player and teacher. So, definitely check out his website where he offers tons of free guitar teaching stuff.

Marty Schwartz: Pretty much the same as Justin. Great guy, great guitar player and teacher. I believe he has over 1.5 million followers on YouTube (I could be wrong, though), but either way, his online guitar lessons for beginners are top notch. Click here for his website.

good online lessons for guitar beginnersDieter Ulrich Peise: Oh, yes, that’s actually me. Well, I too have a couple of goodies for you. We already talked about the Free Online Beginners Guitar Course. This is a very comprehensive program for all guitar beginners where I packed in all my experience that I gained as a guitar teacher. I told you before, at first it was a paid-for program, but it has been free for quite a while. A few hundred people went successfully through the program. So, if you’re just staring out and look for free lessons for beginners online, go and check it out. No email sign-up or registration required!

On top of that, I encourage you to check out my free online guitar lessons and tutorials section with dozens of videos. Further to that, stop by the Guitar Chordbank. It’s a chord video library for anyone who wants to quickly look up a chord and learn how to play it. Yes, both resources are completely free.

So, you just got plenty of ideas around free guitar lessons online for beginners and where to go to. I do want to take the opportunity though to put another ‘player’ on your radar screen. But not just anyone. We are talking about the #1 online guitar learning platform for guitar beginners, intermediate and professional players. You’ve heard of them, I’m sure. So, let’s look at what they are all about.

4. Best Guitar Lessons Online For Beginners – Why Jamplay Is My Top Choice (with coupon codes for you)

You can ask my wife or anyone else who knows me, I typically like to downplay my accomplishments. I’m not comfortable with praise (even though I do like it). So by now you know at least two things about me: the guy sucks at sales and he doesn’t like to get praised in public. For more information about me, send me an email and I will refer you to my psychiatrist who might be willing to share some more details in exchange for a small fee. Nah, just kidding, but it’s true in a way. Look, I do think my Online Beginners Guitar Course is a great source for anyone who likes to learn to play the guitar. But the fact is, I do have my limits. As guitar player, teacher, website owner, in-front-of-a-camera-sitter and many more. There are things that I can’t do. But one thing that I do is care about and anyone who takes the time to visit my website or YouTube Channel. I care about the people who trust me enough to seek my advice. Therefore, I would never recommend anything to you that I can’t stand behind 100%.

That’s why I’d like you to check out Jamplay. As I mentioned before, they are the market leader and have been in the top spot for a long time. I recently partnered up with them after they gave me the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate what they have to offer. Which is exactly what I did. And for that reason, I feel very confident and comfortable in recommending them to you as the ultimate website for the best online guitar lessons for beginners and advanced players. So even if you are already beyond the beginner level and irrespectively of your musical preference, Jamplay has something for you, I am certain!

Here are a bunch of coupons that you can use if you decide to try them out. Make sure to use these codes for some additional nice discounts:

33C6CE – 10% off all guitar products (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
1BA1E2 – 25% off first month

Got the codes? Good, click below to pay the good people at Jamplay a visit now:

That’s it guys. As usual, just ask if you have any questions. I hope the above was helpful to get you started on your guitar journey. Happy strumming!

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