New Year’s Eve And The ‘Guitar Drop’ In Memphis, TN.

Memphis Guitar DropHappy New Year 2016 everybody. I hope you had a smooth transition. I’m not known for being a night owl, so as usual, I went to bed around 10PM last night. However, since I woke up just before midnight, I turned on the TV to see the Ball Drop on NBC. Well, that was useless, because they didn’t even show it! Maybe they got tired of it and just need some new inspiration. Because, hey, it’s a ball dropping to the ground. I’m sure there could be more exciting things than a ball, right?

As a matter of fact, there are! If you happened to read USA Today this morning, you probably know that there are a bunch of cities all over the country that have their own version of something dropping to start the new year.

Let’s take Brasstown, N.C., for example. They love to have a live possum coming down from the air. Admittedly, that would be a little much for me seeing a living creature having to go through that. Thankfully, other locations stay away from that.

Like in Plymouth, Wis., where an artificial hunk of cheese makes its way down from above.
But my personal favorite is Memphis, Tenn. Proud of their connection to blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll, a massive 10-foot guitar slides down from 100ft altitude. Pretty neat!

Read more on this and watch the video over at USA Today.

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