New Black Sabbath Album Is Making Progress

Black Sabbath - Never Say Die
The Last Studio Album Recorded By The Original Black Sabbath Line Up

Things seem to be going smoothly, at least as far as the progress on the new Black Sabbath album is concerned. According to Ozzy, the band was able to write 15 songs, even though they are on the road – this weekend they are scheduled to play at the Download festival and unless there’s a last minute change, it seems that Bill Ward will continue his absence from any Black Sabbath performances.

As you probably already know, Rick Rubin will be overseeing the production of Black Sabbath’s first studio album since ‘Never Say Die’. I have mixed feelings on that. He certainly delivered some gems in the past, however, there were also a couple of big time bloopers. Anyway, from what I heard, the marching orders are clear – he wants Geezer, Tony and Ozzy to tag on to their 1969 debut album. Now that’s what I call good news.

Let’s just hope that the situation with Bill gets resolved beforehand, otherwise it’s just not the same. Tommy Cluefetos is a great drummer and seems to be a nice enough guy, but sorry, on this particular issue I am a little inflexible. Am I still going to buy the new Black Sabbath album even if it turns that the situation couldn’t get resolved? Yes, probably – but I will not go out and see them playing live.

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