Musician’s Gear A-Frame Acoustic Guitar Stand Review

A-Frame Guitar Stand By Musician's GearI am not exactly sure why it’s called Musician’s Gear A-Frame Acoustic Guitar Stand, because the fact of the matter is, it works just as well for any type of electric guitars. On the other hand, I can actually see why it was named like that by the manufacturer – I guess the point they were trying to make here is that this guitar stand can easily accommodate acoustic guitars which naturally have a larger body than electric guitars.

Here is what I like about this product. The frame, actually the whole built, is very sturdy. When you put this thing on the floor, you can be sure that it won’t move around. It takes only a few seconds to fully collapse the stand which is ideal for transportation. And it’s just as easy to open it up again. The position of the stand (I guess I should say the width) is adjustable, too. The strong metal frame eliminates all worries that this thing will ever fall apart. On each side of the two legs are rubber covers, so even on slippery floors such as hardwood and tile, you don’t have to worry about unwanted ‘movements’.

My favorite part though is just the ease of use in general. Unlike tubular stand, you basically just have a base with this version. Put your instrument on the stand, and take it off within seconds. And even though there is no such thing as security latches, I am never worried that my guitar will fall out of the stand when I bump into it accidentally.

Well, the best part last: the Musician’s Gear A-Frame Acoustic Guitar Stand is dirt cheap. The last time I checked it was sold for just under $11. That’s a bargain for such a quality product. If you’re interested, check out the Guitar-Shop for current price information.

In sum: the A-Frame stand by Musician’s Gear is a high-quality, low price guitar accessory that works like a charm. Definitely something you want to check out next time you are looking for a reliable guitar stand.

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