Multiple Guitar Stand Hercules GS525B Review

Best Multiple Guitar StandI’ve been using the Hercules GS525B five-instrument guitar rack for over six months now and I love it. Whether or not it’s the best multiple guitar stand out there is something I can’t answer. Because it fact is, this is the only one of its kind I ever had. But with that being said, I can assure you it’s an option you should look into if you consider getting yourself a space saving solution and fits several of your guitars.

Speaking of saving space; it was actually never really an issue for me up until recently, when I had to acknowledge that my small “multi-purpose-music-room-recording-location” didn’t offer adequate room for my ever growing number of guitars, amps, guitar accessories, etc. So, the goal was to find a product that would allow me to securely store 5 to 10 guitars with without taking up a lot of real estate. I did some research online, found some interesting multiple guitar stand reviews and the Hercules 5-guitar stand was by far the one product with the most accolades. I found that interesting, because when it comes to guitar gear and accessories, there are usually always some people who have something negative to say about this or that product. But low and behold, I couldn’t find any negative comments regarding the Hercules GS525B. The price seemed reasonable and the solid 5 star rating on amazon ultimately convinced me to make the purchase.

Anyway, as you can tell from my Hercules GS525B review video below, I too am thrilled with it:

So, how many guitars can you fit on the Hercules GS525B guitar stand? It will easily hold 5 acoustic guitars. However, since electric guitars are typically thinner, you have enough space for 10 of your axes. Keep in mind, though, the rack comes with 5 yokes only. You would have to purchase additional yokes separately if you want to put more guitars on this stand. I believe additional yokes are being sold in packs of 5.

Another important factor is the weight. The good news is, the Hercules GS525B five-instrument guitar rack is a true light-weight. With 13lbs, it is light enough to carry around, so transportation is not an issue. However, the stand is by no means flimsy – built and construction are very solid. Further to that, the stand is collapsible, all you need to do is slide up the bottom part as demonstrated in the video. Again, yet another great feature if you want to take the GS525B out on the road.

The GS525B by Hercules is 28 inches high and about 40 inches wide. When you put your instruments on the stand, the space between your guitars and the floor is around 4-5 inches. I forgot to mention that the yokes also serve as guitar pick holders. Each yoke has 4 sluts to put guitar picks in.

Hercules GS525B

Now, I bought the Hercules GS525B five-instrument guitar rack for just under $70. That’s not cheap, but it’s all a matter of perspective. I believe it’s well worth the investment considering the features and quality of this product. It’s an economical, space-saving solution – yet, of very sturdy built and therefore a very handy and reliable multiple guitar stand.

 So, in sum: two thumbs up from me. I don’t know if it’s the best guitar stand for in your particular situation, but definitely check it out. Let me know if you have any questions, just leave a comment below.

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