Motörhead’s Lemmy Says Rock ‘n’ Roll May Be Dead

Lemmy Motörhead Come on, Lemmy, it ain’t that bad!

But I see his point. He’s one of many old school Rock ‘n’ Rollers who feel that the younger bands just don’t bring it. He called the curent state “pretty poor” in a recent interview with Kerrang. Lemmy even went as far as contempleting that Rock might be dead.

Well, I hope he’s wrong. As a matter of fact, I dare to disagree. But first, let’s see what else he had to say. For instance, Lemmy made a point in stating that the scene is waiting for something revolutionary, new and special. Admitting, though, he don’t know exactly what it is we’re waiting for. But whatever that may, the fact remains, according to Lemmy, that the younger generation of rock and punk bands just don’t deliver. He makes some exceptions, citing the Foo Fighters and Evanescence (really, lemmy listens to them? okay, then..) as groups he actually likes, pointing out how scarces such acts are these days. Oh, and Nirvana gets some credits, too, as they were the closest to “the answer to punk”.

Well, Lemmy, as I said, I do disagree with you, even though I do understand what you’re saying. But Rock ‘n’ roll is not dead. It’s just not called “Rock ‘n’ Roll” anymore (even though I personally call it exactly that). I think it’s called Doom, Stoner Rock, Heavy Rock, Southern, and God knows what. Now the bands in those genre’s are rarely making appearances on the in nowaday’s Top 40 Lists, but who cares. Let me give you an example: Pentagram – Curious Volume, just released a couple of days ago. Listen to it and I guarantee, that’s exactly what you and I would call Rock ‘n’ Roll! Again, just one of many examples. Their releases might not be hyped up by mainstream media, but those gems are out there.

Maybe some day we get over the semantics and those sub-genres emerge from their ‘obscurity’. So before we start digging a 6 foot hole, let’s hang in there for a little while.

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