Mick Jagger Performs With Jeff Beck And Foo Fighters On SNL Finale

I haven’t seen the full show yet, just bits and pieces. But last Saturday, Mick Jagger hosted the Saturday Night Live season finale which was also the last gig for long time cast member Kristen Wiig. It’s a shame I really liked her a lot, but what can you do. Anyway, there was plenty of music and among other songs, Mick did a 2012 election based blues with guitar veteran Jeff Beck called “Tea Party”. It sounded pretty slick I must say. In typical Jeff Beck fashion, he didn’t stick to the stiff blues pattern but threw in a couple of wild licks to pep the whole thing up. As you watch the video clip, check out that girl on the bass. That’s Tal Wilkenfeld, Jeff’s former bassist and she’s an animal, I’ve seen her a couple of times and boy she’s really good.

Mick Jagger also joined the Foo Fighters for a little engagement and everybody seemed to have a great time.


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