Michael Schenker And Rudolf Schenker Talking Studio Album

Schenker borthers albumWow, I’d buy it. While it won’t be the first time that guitarists and brothers Michael Schenker and Rudolf Schenker would make an appearance together, it’d be their first official studio album. If it happens, but at least they seem to be considering a Schenker collaboration from what I heard.

Not sure if Rudolf Schenker is done with his Scorpions obligations yet. I know there was (or still is) a farwell tour underway, but I’m sure there are other commitments the band-members have to honor before they can move on to their next projects.

Schenker borthers album

As for Michael Schenker, before he came to UFO and Michael Schenker Group (MSG) fame, as you’ll likely know, he was an early member of the Scorpions. After he left the band, he and Rudolf made some occasional appearances over the years, performing live at like at Wacken, for instance. And while there were always talks with regard to recording a studio album, Rudolf had to put the plans on hold and asked his brother to be patient. In an interview he mentioned, that Michael in fact might be mad at him at this point. However, both have made comments recently that fueled the fans’ hope.

Anyway, we don’t know if in fact it will come to fruition, but chances are there will be indeed a Michael and Rudolf Schenker studio album in the future. Stay tuned!

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