Meet the Match Guitar – A Guitar Made Of Matches

Guitar Made of MatchesJust when you think you’ve probably seen it all, there it is; meet the ‘Match Guitar’, and electric guitar completely made of matches. And yes, it actually works. So, who’s behind this rather unique idea and how would anyone think of taking 40,000 matches to design and build a full-fletched electric guitar?

His name is Dean Fraser and he’s an ex-soldier. Oh, and just in case you think: “well, sure, he probably had all kinds of machines and things”, well, you’re wrong. This Fender Strat-resembling match guitar is 100% hand-made. It took him something like 15 years to complete the project. Now, this is not Dean’s only masterpiece.

But take a look for yourself. Here is a link to some more details and a bunch of cool clips of Dean working on his “Guitar Made of Matches”.

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