Longest Guitar Solo – David Didonato Sets Out To Break The Record

Who Holds The Record For Playing The Longest Guitar Solo In The World?What’s the longest guitar solo ever played? I have absolutely no idea. Now the question is, what actually constitutes a “solo”? Does it have to make any ‘sense’ from a musical perspective? Which begs the next question: what does ‘making sense’ in a musical context actually mean?

Do you see where I’m going here? Where is the point in all this?

Anyway, I’m not here to complain, after all, there is a brave guy out there by the name David Didonato. He’s a music teacher and he is currently attempting to break the existing Guinness World record of the longest guitar solo which stands at 24 hours and 18 minutes as of now.

I’m not exactly sure if the guy is still playing or whether he’s done by now. Here’s a link with more details around the whole thing. I watched it for 2 minutes or so and I got bored. While I totally respect David’s intent and the brutal physical and mental effort it must take to take on such a task, I simply don’t see the point. Instruments are made to make music and at least to my standards, this has very little or nothing to do with music. But I am also perfectly willing to admit, that I might just be incapable of understanding what this is all about.

I still wish David Didonato good luck in his attempt of breaking this “Longest Guitar Solo” record. Hope they give him plenty of Guinness to prevent dehydration.


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