List Of All Guitar Chords

List of all guitar chords pdfIt actually took me quite a while to finally find a comprehensive and useful list of all guitar chords. And the good news is: the one that I found is absolutely free of charge. However, just to be clear, it is important to acknowledge that while the chord chart you are about to get access to had literally hundreds of chord diagrams, we all know that each chord can be played in different positions. I just wanted to mention that. Anyway, just click on the button below and I will then immediately send you an email with the download link – yes, again, it’s completely free of charge, so no worries.

Download Your Guitar Chords PDF For Free

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Now, chord diagrams are a very useful tool, especially when you already know a little bit about the instrument. And well, of course assuming that you can actually read them. However, most people find video tutorials easier to follow and to understand. I guess it all depends. But in case you are one of the individuals who prefer to get audio-visual instructions, I have another goodie for you: the Guitar Chordbank.

This is a great resource for you to watch video chord tutorials in high-definition, with clear instructions as to what you need to do with your right and left hand in order to play the chord of your choice accurately. The videos are short and to the point. And here is the best part; access to the Chordbank is free, too.

Just sign-up, create an account and you are good to go. While I don’t have videos for all guitar chords that you can possibly play on your instrument, you will find the most important ones. By the way, new videos are being added on an ongoing basis and please feel free to contact me if there is any chord you want me to add to the list.

Use The List Of Guitar Chords & Guitar Chordbank Together

It always comes down to personal preference. Some people simply want a chord list with diagrams, others prefer a visual in video format. I typically use both. In other to quickly look up a chord, the guitar chords list pdf I shared with you is perfect. However, depending on the type of chord, I might prefer seeing an actual video because that also gives me the audio, which is especially important when I learn new chords or chord voicings. So, if I was you, I would probably just download the free guitar chord list pdf and keep it handy on your computer. Additionally, bookmark the link to the Guitar Chordbank and you’re all set.

Well, if you really want to learn ALL guitar chords, you will probably get a little busy over the next few years ;-). I also don’t think it is necessary to know virtually all of them, again, keep in mind we are talking about hundreds and thousands of chords. However, to get you started, as I explained earlier, just download the all guitar chords pdf file and register a free account to get access to the Chordbank. In addition to that, you may also want to look into the Beginners Guitar Course. This online program is for folks who are seriously interest in learning the instrument. And while we won’t be all to cover the entire list of chords, you will be able to play the most important ones along with a number of songs across all genres.

List Of Chords For Guitar – Download The Free PDF Now!

Alright, here it is again, your chance to get this gizmo completely for free. Also, do me a favor and share this link with others. I think it’s a great free resource that comes in handy for guitar players on all levels.

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